Written question – South Kivu – E-015809/2015

Panzi hospital, supported by ECHO, provides medical and psychological assistance to victims of sexual violence in South Kivu. A recent trend that has been witnessed is the increasing number of very young victims (children under 10 or even infants) hosted in Panzi hospital.

The specific case of Kavumu, a village in South Kivu from which 34 infants and young girls have been kidnapped while they were sleeping at their parents’ house, sexually abused and finally treated at Panzi hospital is a dramatic illustration of the situation. While the humanitarian community tries to respond to these girls’ physical, psychological and social needs, the specific case of Kavumu has however not been resolved after 2¬†years of investigation and faces a series of judicial obstacles.

Is the European Union working closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the governments in question and international donors in order to develop an agreed and effective strategy to protect civilians from sexual violence, and to search for a comprehensive, durable solution to the problems of the region as a whole?