Migori-Narok Border Communities Called to Peace Following Fatal Shootings

Migori – In the aftermath of a violent incident that left two men dead two weeks ago, communities along the Migori-Narok County border at Kairarong farm in Transmara South are being urged to remain peaceful. The call for restraint was made during a peace baraza (meeting) led by Narok County Commissioner Lotiatia Kipkech at AGC Ang’ata Barikoi Church, aiming to quell tensions and allow for a thorough investigation.

According to Kenya News Agency, the meeting with locals was crucial for discussing ways to maintain peace and order in the region while government agencies work to apprehend those responsible for the recent violence. Following the baraza, Kipkech and his team visited the affected areas, concluding their tour at Ang’ata Police Station near the Kenya-Tanzania border for discussions with Transmara South sub-county security and administration officers regarding the situation.

The County Commissioner assured residents of increased security patrols to restore normalcy and made it clear that legal action would be taken against anyone found violating the law. Joseph Koech, the area Member of County Assembly, echoed the call for peace, encouraging the youth to take advantage of the rainy season by engaging in agriculture and avoiding alcoholism, a sentiment supported by Johanna Kamilan, another area leader.

The efforts to resolve the conflict have led to the return of 21 stolen cattle from one community at the contentious 10 km border between the Kuria and Kipsigis communities. The cattle were surrendered to the Angata Barikoi police station, where they will remain under security watch pending further instructions.

Bogandé Town Hall Hosts Historic Collective Fast-Breaking Event

Bogandé – In a pioneering event for the town of Bogandé, a collective fast-breaking ceremony was held at the town hall on the evening of Saturday, April 6, 2024, organized by the esteemed Bikienga Alice Lankoandé, known as the Amazon of Gnagna. This significant occasion marked a moment of unity and fellowship among the diverse religious communities of the province.

According to Burkina Information Agency, this gathering on the 27th day of the month of penitence brought together the Muslim faithful, along with community and religious leaders from various denominations, in a spirit of communal harmony. The courtyard of the Bogandé town hall served as the venue for this landmark event, attended by personnel from different provincial directorates and services, religious figures of all faiths, and traditional leaders.

The president of the Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions (FEME) of Gnagna, Pastor Alassane Taboudou, expressed his contentment with the event, citing the holy scriptures’ command to love one’s neighbor and emphasizing the importance of manifesting this love through tangible actions. Similarly, Father Mathieu Ouoba, the priest of Saint André de Bogandé parish, praised the initiative for its role in bolstering inter-religious dialogue.

Bikienga Alice Lankoandé extended her gratitude towards all attendees for their participation and called upon community leaders to foster solidarity and social cohesion, essential for maintaining peace. She also encouraged support for the administrative and security authorities of all administrative entities through prayer.

El Hadji Seydou Mano, the imam of the great mosque of Bogandé, while lauding the initiative, expressed hope for the continuation and expansion of such gatherings to strengthen the bonds between different communities for enduring peace in Burkina Faso. The title of Amazon is bestowed upon women leaders in Burkina Faso who are dedicated to promoting peace, with 58 women currently recognized as Amazons for Peace.

Mombasa Parents Called to Monitor Children Amid Rising Juvenile Crime

Mombasa – At the annual prayers and thanksgiving ceremony for the disciplined forces held at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, regional leaders emphasized the critical role parents and guardians must play in curbing the increasing trend of juvenile crimes within the county. John Wambua, the Regional Senior Assistant Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), highlighted the significance of parental guidance in molding the characters and moral compasses of their offspring.

According to Kenya News Agency, the broader community also shares the responsibility of steering young individuals towards positive development. He specifically pointed out the benefits of engaging children in religious and spiritual activities during lengthy school breaks to prevent them from veering into delinquency.

“We advocate for a whole-of-society approach in looking after the best interests of our children. As parents, we should be at the forefront to guide and teach them religious ways to keep them from criminal behaviour that can land them in trouble,” Wambua expressed during the event.

The ceremony, which witnessed participation from various units of the disciplined forces from Mombasa and Kwale County, served as a platform to underscore the importance of nurturing the physical, spiritual, and mental well-being of service members. Coordinator of the Disciplined Forces Chaplaincy, Father Peter Kimani, remarked on the necessity of ensuring officers are spiritually and mentally equipped to fulfill their duties effectively.

“Our officers deserve to be spiritually and mentally fulfilled to execute their roles and duties effectively. Such interactions go a long way in motivating them and giving them the zeal to serve their country with dedication,” Father Kimani stated.

The annual prayers and thanksgiving event is a tradition that honors and acknowledges the divine protection over the nation’s security forces, celebrating their commitment and sacrifices in safeguarding the country.

Ouargaye Residents Rally in Support of Captain Ibrahim Traoré and Demand Stronger Counter-Terrorism Measures

Ouargaye – In a significant show of solidarity on Sunday, April 7, 2024, the residents of Ouargaye, the capital of Koulpelogo province, gathered to express unwavering support for Captain Ibrahim Traoré and the Transition government, acknowledging the efforts in bolstering the country’s defenses against terrorism. The public endorsement comes amid escalating terrorist activities that have intensified in Ouargaye and surrounding areas.

According to Burkina Information Agency, while appreciating the recruitment, training, and equipping of the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) and the actions of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) in reclaiming territory, the community voiced concern over the surge in terrorist assaults on their villages. Additionally, the prolonged blockade of national road No. 17 since early 2023 has severely disrupted local life and economy.

The demonstrators called on the national leadership for decisive actions to mitigate the security crisis. Their demands include an armed response to reclaim villages currently under the control of terrorist factions, further recruitment of VDP members in specific villages, and the urgent reopening of national road No. 17 that connects Tenkodogo to Ouargaye, near the Togo border. These steps, they argue, are critical for restoring freedom of movement and stabilizing the region.

This public rally for support and action follows a commitment made on April 6, 2024, by Colonel Aboudou Lamizana, governor of the Center-East region. In Tenkodogo, he assured the populace that substantial measures are underway to resume traffic on national road No. 17 and to initiate its paving, signaling a concerted effort to address the concerns raised by the Ouargaye community.

Brother Emmanuel Zongo Encourages Burkina Faso to Maintain Optimism Amid Challenges

Ouagadougou – In the bustling city of Ouagadougou, Brother Koudbi Emmanuel Zongo launched his inaugural book, “Keep the smile,” on Saturday, extending an open invitation to optimism amidst the daily anxieties faced by many. This literary piece, born out of a personal need for revival in times of despair, aims to foster a network of positivity that could potentially transform societal outlooks.

According to Burkina Information Agency, during the book’s unveiling, he expressed a profound desire for the novel to serve as a beacon of hope and resilience, especially when ideals are overshadowed by the tribulations of sadness and anguish. “I wanted a novel to revive me each time in life when my ideals are threatened by current events, sadness, and anguish, and we know today that keeping a smile is a hero’s responsibility,” he shared with attendees in Ouagadougou.

A member of the Institute of the Brothers of the Holy Family, Brother Zongo articulated that his book’s fundamental goal is to contribute towards cultivating happiness in life. The narrative is strategically divided into two main sections: one focusing on the appreciation of smiles and the other on the commitment to maintaining them. This distinction aims to educate readers on recognizing various types of smiles, from the insincere to the genuinely universal.

Brother Zongo further elaborated that his message of hope and joy transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, aiming to promote a “universal smile.” This initiative not only seeks to enlighten and uplift but also to provide tangible support to the Petit Taborin Foundation, which dedicates its efforts to assisting the youth, the impoverished, and those enduring suffering.

Dr. Cyriaque Paré, who provided the foreword for the book, emphasized its significance as a much-needed beacon of reference for the community, urging readers to adopt a philosophy of life that can withstand everyday challenges. “It’s all a question of representation: when you see the world as a wealth, as an infinite goodness, everything smiles at you,” Brother Zongo remarked, highlighting the book’s overarching theme.

The work, priced at 2500 FCFA, aims to be accessible to a wide audience, ensuring availability through the Brothers of the Holy Family’s establishments, the publishing house, and soon, a digital platform for broader accessibility.