Kirinyaga to Welcome State-Backed Modern Market, Enhancing Local Trade and Commerce

Kirinyaga – The State Department for Housing and Urban Development, under the Economic Stimulus Program (ESP), has announced plans to construct a modern market at the Mukarara trading center. This development follows the allocation of land by Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru, marking a significant step towards enhancing the county’s commercial infrastructure.

According to Kenya News Agency, the initiative is poised to benefit approximately 1,000 individuals, encompassing both local and neighboring county traders who have previously operated in less structured and open-air environments. The ceremony, which took place at Mukarara center in Kirinyaga East subcounty, highlighted the county administration’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for its traders and farmers.

The planned two-story market is designed to accommodate 200 traders on its ground floor and will feature an array of facilities aimed at supporting the community and the traders. Among these are an ICT hub equipped with internet access, a social hall, a crèche for the care of infants accompanying their mothers, and a restaurant. “In no time, this site will not only be a place for people to come and buy and sell goods but a catalyst for economic vitality and a platform for local entrepreneurs to thrive. The market will transform Mukarara town into a vibrant epicenter of commerce,” Waiguru stated.

The governor expressed gratitude towards the national government for its role in bringing the project to fruition, emphasizing the importance of such collaborations in creating modern trading spaces that cater to the evolving needs of the community.

Waiguru also shared that the county government has already constructed 17 modern markets and identified additional sites in Kagio, Kutus, Wang’uru, and Kimbimbi for future developments. These sites are earmarked for similar projects in partnership with the national government, with the aim of accommodating growing towns and trading centers. The modern markets are designed to include essential amenities such as solid waste disposal units, parking spaces, reliable water and electricity supply, and efficient drainage systems, catering to the contemporary needs of the region’s expanding urban areas.