Fada N’Gourma Marks Ramadan’s End with Prayers for Health and Peace

FADA N’GOURMA — In a solemn assembly at the Martyrs’ Square, the Muslim community of Fada N’Gourma concluded the thirty days of Ramadan fasting with prayers for health and the restoration of peace in Burkina Faso. This significant religious event on Thursday, April 10, mirrored similar gatherings across the nation, where the faithful engaged in deep reflection and supplication.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Imam El-hadj Aboubacar Kina led the significant prayer session, offering gratitude to the Almighty for enabling the community to observe the Aid-El-Fitr feast in unity. In his sermon, he extended wishes for peace and security throughout Burkina Faso and for health within families, highlighting the communal desire for tranquility and well-being amidst challenging times.

The imam also conveyed his best wishes for longevity and divine guidance to Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the president of the transition, the Burkinabe government, and local officials, underlining the importance of leadership in navigating the country through its current tribulations.

Siaka Ouattara, the Secretary-General of the Eastern Region, expressed his appreciation for the religious communities’ contributions to the day’s solemnity. Addressing the residents of the Eastern region, Ouattara emphasized the need for solidarity, unity, and social cohesion. He urged cooperation with the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Patriarchate (VDP) to address the ongoing security crisis effectively. Ouattara expressed hope for the future, envisioning a scenario where areas currently under terrorist control would be reclaimed by next year’s celebrations.

Demonstrating interfaith solidarity, Father Pascal Soubeiga, representing the Catholic community alongside his congregation, attended the event to show support for the Muslim community. His presence and message underscored a shared belief in the power of prayer and collective supplication for divine favors, further reinforcing the day’s theme of unity across different faiths.

This gathering at Martyrs’ Square not only marked the conclusion of Ramadan but also served as a beacon of hope for Fada N’Gourma and the wider Burkina Faso, illustrating the strength found in communal prayer and shared aspirations for peace and prosperity.

Zorgho Muslims Gather for Eid El Fitr Prayers with Hopes for Peace in Burkina Faso

ZORGHO — On April 10, 2024, the Muslim community in Zorgho gathered at the town’s poultry market, known as ‘Nons-raaga,’ to observe the Eid El Fitr prayer, marking the end of Ramadan. This year’s ceremony was particularly significant, with attendees praying for the return of peace to Burkina Faso amidst ongoing national challenges.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the prayer was led by El hadj Adama Sissao, the imam of Zorgho’s great mosque, and witnessed by notable administrative figures. The High Commissioner Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, the Secretary General of the province Harouna Karambiri, and the President of the special municipal delegation of Zorgho, Valentin Badolo, were present, demonstrating the government’s support for the religious event. Additionally, a delegation represented Naba Sanem, the customary chief of Zorgho, underscoring the event’s significance across both religious and traditional spheres.

Following the communal prayer, Imam El hadj Adama Sissao extended his gratitude towards the attending authorities and articulated his prayers for the nation. He called for health, harmony among citizens, and, most importantly, the restoration of peace across Burkina Faso. The imam’s message also reached out to national leaders, including Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the president of the transition, urging them to steer the country towards enduring peace and renewed dignity.

Harouna Karambiri, speaking for the High Commissioner, conveyed Ramadan greetings to the Muslim population, advocating for moderate celebrations and continuous prayers for the nation’s peace. The Eid El Fitr event in Zorgho transcended mere religious observance, fostering community bonds and embedding hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future for all residents of Burkina Faso.

Djibo Mosque Hosts Eid El Fitr Prayers, Calls for Peace in Burkina Faso

DJIBO, Burkina Faso — On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the Muslim community in Djibo, along with administrative authorities, assembled at the city’s great mosque to observe the Eid El Fitr prayers.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the congregation’s primary focus was to petition for peace throughout Burkina Faso, reflecting the country’s aspirations for harmony and stability. This gathering underscores the broader desire among the nation’s Muslim faithful to seek divine intervention for peace in a country that values its rich tapestry of cultural and religious traditions.

Ouagadougou Witnesses Unprecedented Unity During Eid El Fitr Prayer as Burkina Faso Battles Terrorism

OUAGADOUGOU – In a significant show of unity and national solidarity, thousands of Muslim faithful, along with government officials and members of other religious denominations, gathered at Place de la Nation in Ouagadougou on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, to mark the end of Ramadan with the Eid El Fitr prayer. The congregation was presided over by Cheikh Abdallah Ouédraogo, Imam of the great mosque of Ouagadougou, who delivered a sermon on forgiveness, reconciliation, and the importance of cohesion among the citizens of Burkina Faso.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the president of the Muslim community, this event was not just a religious gathering but a potent demonstration of the Muslim community’s commitment to support the government’s efforts in the national war against terrorism. Kouanda, addressing the assembly, emphasized that the conflict engulfing the nation transcends political lines, representing a collective struggle for the soul of Burkina Faso. He criticized those who find satisfaction in the setbacks faced by the Fighting Forces, reminding that the battle belongs to every citizen, irrespective of religious or political affiliation.

The government’s presence, led by the Minister of State, Minister of Civil Service, Labor, and Social Protection, Bassolma Bazié, underscored the state’s acknowledgment of the Muslim community’s pivotal role in fostering national unity. Bazié conveyed the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s gratitude towards the community for its prayers and efforts toward reclaiming territories once lost to insurgent forces. He highlighted the progress made since April 2023, when all communities were rallied to contribute to the reconquest initiative, noting the significant improvements in accessibility across various regions.

Furthermore, the event was marked by gestures of interfaith harmony, with representatives from the Catholic community, including Monsignor Prosper Kontiébo, extending holiday greetings and expressing a shared commitment to peace and social cohesion. This Eid El Fitr prayer in Ouagadougou stands as a poignant reminder of the resilience and unity of Burkina Faso’s people in the face of adversity, setting a precedent for collaborative efforts towards peace and national recovery.

Gourcy Sunni Community Embraces Unity and Tolerance as Ramadan Ends

GOURCY, Burkina Faso — The Sunni community in Gourcy gathered for Eid El Fitr prayers on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, marking the conclusion of Ramadan. The event took place in the courtyard of the Alwahdatoul Islamia Franco-Arab school, situated in sector 2 of Gourcy.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the prayer was orchestrated by Imam Abdoulaye Ouédraogo, who, in his sermon, sought forgiveness from the Almighty for the congregation and underscored the significance of the values upheld during Ramadan. He emphasized the importance of neighborly love, tolerance, and integrity, advocating for a harmonious coexistence. Furthermore, Imam Ouédraogo encouraged the Muslim faithful to allocate their wealth towards benevolent deeds and religious purposes. The ceremony was attended by provincial and municipal leaders, demonstrating the community’s united front. Concurrently, the Tidjiania community held its prayers adjacent to the Zondoma Provincial High School, led by Imam Ousmane Sana of Gourcy’s grand mosque, highlighting the diverse observances within the city.