Koudougou Completes Long-Awaited Ring Road Project

Koudougou – The completion of the ring road project in Koudougou, with a budget of 4 billion FCFA by the Burkina Infrastructure Works Agency (AGETIB).

According to Burkina Information Agency, marks the fulfillment of a plan originally conceived in 1956. This infrastructure development is designed to improve traffic flow in Burkina Faso’s third-largest city.

Kombissiri Citizens Call for Support of National Transition

Kombissiri – On Thursday, April 11, 2024, the regional coordination of citizen monitoring associations in the Center-South convened a press conference in Kombissiri, Bazèga, to discuss the current national circumstances and rally support for Burkina Faso’s ongoing transition. The event marked a significant mobilization by local associations since the coordination’s establishment on March 21, 2024.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the head of the regional coordination, the gathering aimed to reinforce the public’s engagement with the transition efforts initiated by the MPSR 2, led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré since September 30, 2022. Dipama highlighted the widespread participation in volunteer defense groups and financial contributions to the national defense as evidence of the public’s commitment. He stressed the importance of the MPSR 2 in symbolizing hope and national dignity, noting significant strides in military enhancements and international partnerships under its leadership. The conference also served as a platform to denounce any attempts at destabilization and to outline future activities intended to bolster support for the transition, including a major upcoming regional meeting.

Bittou Marks Ramadan with Calls for Tolerance and Unity

Bittou – On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the Muslim community in Bittou gathered in various locations across the town to observe the Ramadan festival. The day was marked by prayers and messages promoting tolerance and forgiveness, echoing sentiments felt throughout the Center-East region of the country.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the congregations began early at 7 am at key sites including the Bittou municipal stadium, where large numbers of the Sunni faithful assembled. Iman Ali Kere led the sermon, emphasizing the importance of tolerance, generosity, and integrity among community members. He strongly discouraged any involvement with corrupt practices or terrorist groups, aiming to strengthen the community’s resolve against such influences.

Security measures were notably stringent, with attendees undergoing thorough checks at prayer sites to ensure safety and peace during the celebrations. Following the communal prayers, the faithful returned to their homes to continue the celebrations in a spirit of peace and moderation.

Seminar Opens to Foster Media Collaboration Between China and Burkina Faso

Beijing – A training seminar aimed at enhancing collaboration between Chinese and Burkinabè media professionals opened on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. The event, held in Beijing, drew participation from 23 journalists and 19 media managers from Burkina Faso, alongside representatives from the AIB.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the deputy director of the International Studies and Training Center at the China International Communication Group and seminar organizer, the program is designed to share Chinese media expertise with the Burkinabè delegates, emphasizing the deepening trade relations and friendship between the two nations despite the geographical distance.

Valentin Hervé Sanyan Kambiré, representing the Burkinabè media managers, expressed gratitude towards China for the initiative, highlighting Burkina Faso’s shift towards significant partnerships under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traore since September 30, 2022. He noted that the seminar would bolster journalistic practices and promote civic communication among Burkinabè journalists. Sébastian Monné, spokesperson for the journalists, lauded the People’s Republic of China for its ongoing support in various developmental areas in Burkina Faso, stating that the seminar is an opportunity to enhance their professional skills and understanding of Chinese societal, economic, and cultural aspects.

The seminar, scheduled from April 10 to 23 for journalists and until April 19 for media managers, includes thematic conferences and field visits across Beijing and other Chinese localities. It is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, with significant input from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Ouagadougou Hosts National Days of Patriotic Commitment and Citizen Participation

Ouagadougou – From March 26 to April 9, 2024, Burkina Faso held the National Days of Patriotic Commitment and Citizen Participation, an initiative marked by various activities aimed at enhancing community engagement and supporting the nation’s forces. Prime Minister Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem de Tambe concluded the event on Tuesday, affirming the positive outcomes and confirming that the initiative met its objectives.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the first of its kind organized by the Transition authorities, the days were well-received by citizens who actively participated in sanitation, reforestation, and various forms of discipline. Participants demonstrated their patriotism through gestures like raising flags, wearing traditional Burkinabè attire, and consuming local cuisine. Beyond these actions, some residents engaged in notable acts of charity; for instance, a national collective provided three tons of food to the women of the Green Brigade on the eve of Ramadan, and another citizen donated medical supplies to a local health center.

While the event showcased numerous positive examples of civic duty, it coincided with some disturbing national news. In Bobo-Dioulasso, a trader was arrested on April 3 by the Hauts-Bassins Regional Judicial Police Service for selling pebbles disguised as cereal grains, highlighting a contrasting aspect of citizen behavior during the patriotic event.

The national coordinator of presidential initiatives continues to encourage positive engagement by visiting various cities and recognizing individuals who contribute to community improvement. This initiative has sparked notable participation among the youth as well, including two students in Ouagadougou who donated their earnings from selling sweets to the Patriotic Support Fund.

This initiative underscores the ongoing efforts to promote patriotism and responsible citizenship, aiming to inspire continued engagement and exemplary behavior across all segments of society.