14 Million Ethiopian Youths Join National Volunteer Service Program

Addis Ababa – Approximately 14 million Ethiopian youths have engaged in a national voluntary service program aimed at enhancing national development and unity.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, Launched in 2020 the program seeks to instill a sense of patriotism and civic duty among participants and has included training for 48,000 youths in various capacities to date. The initiative has reportedly fostered significant contributions to national reconciliation and community service, with ongoing activities planned to continue nurturing these values among the Ethiopian youth.

Ethiopia Joins UN Commission on the Status of Women

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia has been elected as a member of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for a four-year term, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, the CSW established in 1946, works globally to promote women’s advancement through advocacy and legislative changes. Ethiopia’s membership begins in 2025 at the seventieth session and extends until 2029, marking a significant opportunity for the country to influence gender equality initiatives on a global stage.

Ethiopia Introduces National Strategies to Revamp Food Systems

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia has launched three pivotal national strategies aimed at transforming its food systems to enhance food security, nutrition, and economic welfare, announced Agriculture Minister Girma Amante.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, The strategies include initiatives focused on food safety, nutrition-sensitive agrifood systems, and post-harvest management. Speaking at the launch event, Minister Amante emphasized that these strategies are integral to Ethiopia’s broader goals of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and improving sustainable consumption patterns across the country.

Ambassador Urges Stronger Ethio-South Korean Economic and Investment Ties

Addis Ababa – South Korean Ambassador Jung Kang has called for enhanced bilateral relations between Ethiopia and South Korea, particularly in economic and investment sectors.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, In an interview with ENA, Kang highlighted the historic ties rooted in Ethiopia’s support during the Korean War, suggesting these bonds form a strong foundation for deepening economic cooperation. He noted that despite growing trade volumes, there is significant potential to expand economic interactions beyond development aid, including increasing trade in agricultural and medical products and encouraging South Korean high-tech investments in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Renewable Energy Strategy Aims to Attract German Investment

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia’s National Sustainable Energy Development Strategy could play a crucial role in attracting German companies to invest in the country’s energy sector.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, Economic Section Head at the German Embassy. The strategy emphasizes Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and focuses on comprehensive energy goals including access, efficiency, and sustainability. Alt highlighted that German enterprises are well positioned to contribute to Ethiopia’s energy landscape, given their expertise in renewable resources and smart infrastructure. This strategic focus is supported by international efforts to ensure sustainable and secure energy usage, which aligns with Ethiopia’s abundant potential in hydro, solar, and geothermal resources.