Written question – Olive oil production – E-006459/2017

In a recent publication entitled ‘the EU olive oil sector, main features, challenges and prospects’, the EP Research Service draws some significant conclusions regarding countries to the south, which account for between 70% and 75% of world olive oil production and one-third of table oil production. These products represent an important share of the agricultural sector in these countries, including Greece. They are also important in for the economy and employment since, in Greece especially, members of families owning the olive groves account for a very high percentage of the workforce. In recent years, however, crops have been adversely affected by a number of external factors such as unexpected climatic changes with long periods of drought and global warming.

Given the high nutritional value of olives and their world market, prospects:

What measures will the Commission take to protect the continent as a whole and in particular the Southern European countries from the effects of climate change on the olive oil production?

What economic incentives will it offer to young farmers to continue this centuries-old tradition in the face of the economic difficulties currently facing Greece?