MEC Alan Winde hosts public entrepreneurship event, 6 Sept

First Thursday to highlight entrepreneurship in the Western Cape
On 6 September 2018, the Ministry of Economic Opportunities will be focusing on entrepreneurship as it opens its doors to the public for the evening.
MEC Alan Winde will be hosting several entrepreneurs who will showcase their products, and be on hand for a networking and information session. Members of the public, entrepreneurs and those interested in starting a business are welcome to attend.
The book “People Before Profit” will also be launched on the night. “People before Profit” comprises a set of powerful and proven personal and business development guidelines and principals acquired through the often hard-earned life experiences of Rudolf Goosen and Michael Jones, summarised in 105 pages. While they recognise the importance of profit for a business, they also understand that nothing is accomplished without the influence of people.

Source: Government of South Africa

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