Highlights – Exchange of views on Africa and aviation with DG MOVE and EASA – Committee on Transport and Tourism

The committee can influence legislation to ensure that it best meets the needs of EU citizens who make journeys every day, whether by public transport, by rail, by road, by sea or by air. The committee also covers postal services and tourism.
Over the next two and half years, the TRAN Committee will have to take innovative and daring steps to address the many challenges ahead. Firstly, when it comes to tackling pollution and climate change, the transport and tourism sectors must be fully involved in the task of meeting the commitments made at the COP21 conference. Secondly, in the area of economic and social policy, there is a pressing need to find a practical response to the scourge of social dumping which is threatening thousands of jobs in the transport and tourism sectors.

Lastly, to keep pace with the digital revolution, we need to establish a framework which makes it possible for all technological inventions, from driverless cars to drones to the sharing economy, to thrive, without undermining safety rules and consumers’ and workers’ rights.

Welcome to the website of the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism. We look forward to working with you to shape the future of European mobility!