Gauteng Cooperative Governance hosts Fire Conference

Gauteng Provincial Pier Working Group together with the COGTA: Gauteng Fire and Rescue Directorate will be hosting the first ever PIER Conference of the fire services in Africa. The three day conference will be held on 09 to 11 November 2016 in Kempton Park at the Aviator Hotel.

The aim of the conference is to share knowledge, practical experiences and to assist other provinces to establish PIER (Public Information Education Relations) units in their respective municipalities.

The conference will have the active participation of international and local professionals in and outside the fire services that will highlight the recent research and concepts of Emergency Services and the initiative will bring professionals together to a common platform in order to create awareness by sharing their practical experiences and knowledge.

The conference will also focus on the following:

The need of Pier in the 21st century

Identifying essential elements of a Pier program

Learning techniques for the implementation of effective Pier programs

The importance of Pier in the Fire Services or EMS

The Pier Working Group was established as a strategic thrust within the Provincial Directorate of Fire and Rescue Services with the primary objective to minimise the economic and social impact of fires, to reduce the risk and improve community safety programmes in order to:

Reduce the number of fire incidents

Reduce injury and loss of life from fire and accidents

Reduce damage to the natural environment

Provide value

The intention is to make sure that through effective planning of the Fire Services the Gauteng Province has well resources, coherent and coordinated approach to community protection. Furthermore that safety is delivered in accordance with the local needs and priorities, and is consistent with provincial and national aims and objectives.

Source: Government of South Africa.

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