South Africa: In Celebration of New Year’s Day 2017

Statement By

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP

President Of The Inkatha Freedom Party

Finally, we have put 2016 behind us and welcomed in a new year.

We enter 2017 with renewed hope, eager to see changes in our country, our communities and in our own lives. The year we leave behind was difficult and often frustrating, and many of us questioned whether anything could be done to change the worrying trajectory of South Africa.

But with the new year comes the opportunity to map a new course. This is the time to make a decision that will shape 2017. We are not helpless bystanders witnessing the downward spiral of the economy, politics and social cohesion. We are participants, with the power to influence what happens next.

With the state of our nation, not a single citizen can step back and claim that there is nothing they can do. It is only through a collective effort that we will put South Africa back on track towards fulfilling the promises of democracy.

We cannot afford to be apolitical, neither can we afford ignorance. We need to educate ourselves on what is happening, who is driving it, and whether it is good for our country. We need to ask questions, and demand answers. We need to get involved.

In 2017, let us set aside our prejudices and preconceived ideas, and really examine South Africa’s politics. Are all our political parties what they claim to be? How much is mere talk, and how much is true? If we were to empower any one party, where would that lead?

This is the time to make a decision. If you are not yet politically active, I encourage you to examine the options and take a stand. Because in 2017 there will be no place for side-line critics and spectators. There is too much at stake.

2016 showed once again that the IFP is a leadership you can trust. We were the voice of reason in Parliament, in the Legislatures, in municipalities, and in every public debate. We stood on the side of what is right, seeking the best for all South Africa. We upheld our integrity, spoke truth to power, and did what we said we would do.

In 2017, the IFP remains a powerful force for good.

I therefore invite you to find your political home in the IFP, so that together we can change the trajectory of our nation. Don’t live a half commitment. South Africa needs patriots who are all in. Take up membership in the IFP, and if you are already an IFP member, renew your membership.

This is the moment to make a fresh commitment. Before us lies immense opportunity. Are you willing to make a difference?

Source: Inkatha Freedom Party

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