Petition to save Torbay Hospital's McCallum ward attracts more than 1,200 signatures so far

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A petition to save Torbay Hospital’s women’s ward from closure has attracted more than 1,300 signatures so far.

The petition was set up by Kingsteignton resident Lucy Cromwell who has received care in McCallum – the hospital’s only women’s ward – over the past nine years.


Health bosses at Torbay Hospital confirmed last week that 32 acute bed would be lost at the hospital. They said a decision on which wards may close would be made at the end of February with closures coming into effect in April.

Lucy, who suffers from Endometriosis, has undergone 16 operations and has unfortunately had to visit the 16-bed ward and gynaecology unit regularly but said her care there has been faultless.

She said: “If that ward is not there women are just going to be shoved on to general wards. McCallum is used to dealing with very sensitive and specialist matters. I am not being sexist but these are things better handled in that way by women and the team are first class.

“I think the whole thing is just crazy and I can’t quite see the logic in it. You might be a very lucky lady and you have never had to go into hospital to have a sensitive issue dealt with but there are thousands of women who do and thousands of people’s sisters, mothers and aunties.

“I think it is disgusting really and I’m worried about where I will end up next time I have to go into hospital.”

Lucy, 29, said she had been encouraged by the support the petition had received so far but urged people who had not yet signed it to not wait until it was too late.

“I just don’t think this is a good idea. It is going to cause major uproar,” She added.

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The petition states: “Women who may have suffered the loss of a baby, a hysterectomy, Eptopic pregnancy’s, Endometriosis, women recovering from a mastectomy these are just a couple of examples of the patients that need care to get back on their feet. The staff on the ward are compassionate hard working and do everything to support the patients Some of the staff on the ward have been working together for 20 plus years. They are an amazing team.

“I’m asking for just a signature from you to keep this ward open for future women , they have compassion, support and always there with an ear at some of your lowest points. I’ve been a patient in and out for the last nine years facing my own health problems this ward has enabled me to meet people with the same condition as me aswell as many others who have their own problems. The ward has only two side rooms that also can be used to help mothers with new borns who are poorly themself’s so the baby can stay with the mother. This will also not happen on a general ward.

“If the ward is to be shut down there won’t be a replacement, all patients will be scattered over different wards who maybe have never had to deal with such sensitive subjects along with it also being a mixed male and female ward. SO this will also effect you gents I no I wouldn’t want to be put on a ward after invasive surgery, hysterectomy etc next to a man not because I am sexist but because I would feel uncomfortable not only myself but for him also.

“Please please sign. It takes less that 60 seconds to save a future of care. And to hopefully keep the McCALLUM ward open for another 20+ years.”