MEC Helen Sauls-August unveils job training programme for unemployed youth

MEC to unveil job training programme for unemployed youth in EC

In an effort to address high levels of youth unemployment in the Province, Eastern Cape Human Settlements MEC will take unemployed youth in Ntabankulu to an onsite human settlement youth training programme.

The ground breaking Youth Build Programme provides training and employment opportunities to unemployed youth in the Province.

The Human Settlements Empowerment Programme in the form of a National Human Settlements Brigade (NHSYB) is a departmental response to the call of up scaling government interventions for youth development. Youth participate in this programme either as professionals, labours, entrepreneurs or beneficiaries.

The Youth Brigades will at the end gain Artisan Development, Employment & Enterprise Development and Professional Development. This Programme is an extension of the Department’s Youth Build Programme and will be rolled out throughout the province.

The youth of Ntabankulu, a total of 50 identified from various wards will have an opportunity to spend a month with construction teams where they will be exposed to the trade and participate in the construction of houses. Thereafter, they will receive six weeks of further technical training.

The youth build programme also provides necessary skills for the youth to enter the construction industry either as workers or owners. A total of 200 youth have been trained since the programme started and have gone to receive further technical training.

Source: Government of South Africa

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