Letters – January 2, 2017

Reader's pic: Bushrangers Bay. Picture: Anita Pallas. Send your image to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us via @illawarramerc.

Reader’s pic: Bushrangers Bay. Picture: Anita Pallas. Send your image to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or tag us via @illawarramerc.

Vale to a majestic view, we must keep it 

Somewhere in the indifference to beauty and form, a development has been allowed to begin on the northern headland of Werri Beach, Gerringong.

This location is a vista that many an artist has used as their grounding of form, light and colour to describe the awe of the South Coast on canvas and photo.

The artist Lloyd Rees had a modest home at Werri Beach facing Werri lagoon and the northern headland, where he would sketch and paint the idyllic setting.

To stand on a south coast headland and look westward to the majestic landscape, to hear the boom of the surf and feel the elating sea air surging around one, is to know a sensation approaching that of ecstacy.

John Downton, another artist of the area painted his landscape of the Red Bluff jutting out to the ocean at the base of the northern headland.

The Coastal Walking Track, a natural walk following the old cow trail that meanders along the coast between Kiama and Werri Beach, is a source of pleasure and contemplation at various locations such as Pebble Factory and Third Bay.

Now as I am heading down the beach for a surf or playing with the grand kids in the lagoon or walking along the coastal track, there is beginning to grow on the once unspoilt headland a development of bricks and concrete construction.

This affects me greatly for what is happening to this beautiful landscape now and possibly into the future. 

Does it affect you?

If so, then write to the council and object in your strongest voice.

Jeff McCarthy

Warning against NBN, don’t do it

I recently had NBN installed by Exetel. What a big mistake.

I have internet but not any phone line at all even though I have paid for it.

I had the phone via them for 1 day then on Christmas day it was off.

All attempts to contact them have failed.

I would like to cancel Exetel but they informed me to do so I would be required to give 30 days notice and pay over $300 to do so.

I spent six hours on the phone elsewhere on Saturday trying to sort this out, but I was unfortunate to speak first to a woman who could not speak English very well at all.

She became very aggressive at times.

She told me I could not have my own phone number! Not sure just what to do now.

I managed to get on to Exetel Face book page and leave messages but that led to nothing.

I am now filling in forms for the Telco ombudsman.

No one else be silly enough to go to NBN Exetel.

Norma Tubman,  Figtree

Obama April fool or sore loser?

An April 1 joke has arrived early…..

Obama has been widely reported as saying he could have beaten Trump in the November 2016 US Election.

Another sore Lefty loser that doesn’t get it!

D J Preece,  Balgownie

Dear sire, I would like to apply …

Dear Agriculture Minister,

I would like to apply for one of the many positions now available in the Pesticides Agency which you have proposed moving to your electorate.

The 15 per cent salary increase on my Centrelink pension, plus twelve free return flights to Canberra to visit friends and family are an amazing incentive.

And I am sure you will be inundated with applicants such as myself in the coming days.

Jennie Morris, Wollongong

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