Statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotzias, in response to lies from Mr. G. Koumoutsakos

There are those who consider the stance of responsibility I am maintaining � by putting the country’s interests above all else � as weakness. They think they can denigrate me, as they do on a daily basis, without my responding. But there are limits. In Parliament today, Mr. Koumoutsakos intentionally lied and deliberately slandered me. His brazenness crossed every line.

It is one thing to tell sensationalist lies to the media. It is another to lie from the floor of Parliament.

For some time now, Mr. Koumoutsakos has acted as a provocateur in foreign policy, demanding that I announce the country’s negotiating strategy, positions and tactics before each negotiation begins. He also invokes non-existent statements of foreign heads of government to keep the country from proceeding to resolve problems. Subsequently, he tries to support his slanderous claims by invoking his own lies. Today, he crossed every line, by claiming that I know of non-existent things in an attempt to place non-existent blame on me.

I call on him to prove all of his claims. Otherwise he will have admitted that he is a common slanderer.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic