Standard newspaper editor wins ‘Radio Anchor of the Year 2015’ award

The Standard newspaper’s associate editor, Amadou Camara, was recently awarded as Radio anchor of the year 2015, at a ceremony held at the West Coast Radio premises in Manjaikunda.

The award ceremony was organised by Jimmy Nzally, chairperson of the Global Hands Organisation and founder of the programme called ‘On the Spot’, hosted at the West Coast Radio.

Camara is a host of an inspiring radio programme of West Coast Radio called ‘On the Spot’. However, the award was in recognition of his popular radio programme that features prominent personalities, including ward councilors and other stakeholders to discuss pertinent developmental issues affecting the society.

The award committee on their citation said of him: “We are awarding you in recognition of your invaluable contribution to the ‘On the Spot’ radio programme on West Coast Radio 95.3FM, a youth-inspiring programme on The Gambian airwaves, which strive to educate, network with the next generation of leaders, as well as in recognition of your selfless service to youth development in your home country and across Africa.”

The selection process was conducted through a live phoning programme on West Coast Radio, during which listeners selected among candidates for the race that ended in favour of Camara.

In an interview with this reporter, Camara stated: “It is thrilling, exhilarating, as it is equally humbling and dignifying to be conferred with the radio anchor of the year award. I have dedicated my life to promoting enduring values of belief in enterprise, faith in education, commitment to fair and equal country/world, and passion for democratic engagement.”

According to him, these are values that he puts to test whenever he does his job as a journalist and broadcaster, “putting people who are given powers to shape our country accountable on my youth parliament-backed Civic Engagement Hour on West Coast Radio”.

He went on: “I have been receiving outpouring messages of goodwill from people. I want to say that I appreciate them all. Many thanks to my fellow awardees, and Jimmy Hendry Nzally, founder of ‘On The Spot,” Camara said.

Other awardees included Nfally Fadera, Mandinka news broadcaster; Jainaba Sarr, an advocate; Jama Jack, communications officer at the University and Prince Adu Appiah, a Ghanaian and founder of 1-Bilion Africa.