Report floats Joe Biden for Clinton's secretary of State

Could Joe Biden be the next secretary of State?

The vice president is at the top of a short list of candidates being prepared by Hillary Clinton’s transition team, Politico reported Thursday night, citing a source familiar with the planning.

The report may be news to Biden, who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during his 36 years representing Delaware.

Politico wrote that neither Clinton nor her aides discussed the post with him, and they were “strategizing” on how to approach him.

(It appears they settled on the trial-balloon-in-a-prominent-newspaper approach.)

Last year, Biden weighed what would have been his third presidential bid, but his son Beau’s death from cancer kept him out of the race. He’s been actively campaigning for Clinton, who has been both his political rival and friend.

It’s clear he’s relishes the role of attack dog against Donald Trump, whom Biden said he’d like to “take behind the gym.” Trump responded that he’d “love that.” (Don’t worry: Trump thought Biden said he wanted go to the “back of the barn,” so the two may never find each other.)

In a July interview with his hometown newspaper, The News Journal, Biden said he planned on “staying engaged in all the issues I’m engaged in now” after he leaves office and he wasn’t ruling anything out.

Among other things, Biden has been focused on his “Moonshot initiative” to double the rate of progress toward ending cancer. But engagement with foreign leaders has also been a part of his portfolio throughout his tenure, and he regularly held meetings with Clinton at the Naval Observatory when she served as secretary of State.

Polls show that it’s likely a good time for Clinton — 10 days before the election — to float Biden’s name. Biden is ending his vice presidency with high approval ratings, the reverse of Clinton’s.

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