Premier Supra Mahumapelo on protest against farm murders

Media statement on Black Monday Protest against farm murders

The North West Provincial Government, through its Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal component (RHR) in the Office of the Premier, has noted Black Monday protests held across the country which were meant to highlight the unacceptable killing of farmers.

The North West Provincial Government condemns the killing of all human beings and agree that we all must stand together to ensure that our communities are safe. There is no space in our society for murderers and killers. The recent crime statistics show that violent criminal action affects all sectors of the community and that it must be condemned in the strongest voice possible. Where communities fail or refuse to stand together, criminal and criminality strive.

Every life is precious and no one has the right to deprive another of their life. Violent crimes cause trauma and tear families apart. The effects are long lasting and deduct from the gains of our hard fought democracy.

The North West Provincial Government also noted with regret the display and hoisting of the old South African flag. The old South African flag opens up old wounds and hurts caused by the apartheid regime. A lot of black people and some white liberal freedom fighters lost their lives due to the brutality both on farms and in the land. The heralding of democracy saw communities trying to deal with these past injustices and reconciling, healing and trying to renew our country. These flags have managed to remind people of where we come from. We deem it irresponsible, insensitive and unpatriotic that these flags were displayed taking away from the sensitive issue of farm killings. We have noted the unconvincing and insensitive response by Agri SA on why the old South African flag was used and wish to condemn this with the contempt it deserves.

AgriSA should know that issues on farms are very sensitive as there are black people who suffer at the hands of farmers too and you have never seen these people disrespect their country and flag as some of the protestors on Black Monday have done. This action is tantamount to treason and the authorities must take appropriate action as this is provocative.

The Premier of the North West Province, Honourable SOR Mahumapelo, urges the collective of the community of Bokone Bophirima to help us build a united, non-racial, non-sexist and respectful community. Agriculture is important to the province and that is why ACT (Agriulture, Culture and Tourism) form the economic pillar of the province.

It means that we must respect everyone who works on the farm being a farmer or farm worker. Everyone deserves to feel safe and to be protected. We call on all our citizens to ensure that we respect the fundamental human rights which are entrenched in the Constitution. South Africa cannot be taken over by criminals.

We refuse to surrender our hard fought democracy to criminal elements. Citizens are urged to work with the SAPS and the Community Policing Forums to ensure that we safeguard our children, women and all citizens of our country. South Africa is a legacy for our future generations so we need to work together to leave a successful, safe and cordial country.

Source: Government of South Africa