Niani chief calls for loyalty to APRC party

The chief of Niani, Alhaji Pierre Bah, has called on the people of the Central River Region to rally behind President Jammeh and the APRC party.

He made this call while delivering his annual ‘Tabaski’ (Eid-ul-Adha) message at Jammajeng village, in CRR north.

He also advised people of the region, and the entire country to see the APRC party and the President as their hopeful and rightful leader, saying he has all the qualities to make The Gambia a nation to be reckoned with, in terms of development.

He went on to implore on Nianinkas to unite in the interest of development.

“President Jammeh has done everything humanly possible in his leadership for Gambians; the achievements and developments are there for everyone to see. It is now time for the people to pay him back, through love; support his development agenda, and vote for him massively in the coming 2016 general elections”.

Bah called upon all party militants to have the spirit of openness, and willingness to work in unison, and to create avenues that will bring people together rather than create avenues that will disunite people. “It is the people the party needs, and, therefore, it should be a mandate to all the party militants to bring more people to the party,” he said.

The Niani chief emphasised that success could only come if they are united in their endeavour, avoid duplication of work and work towards one common goal.

Speaking more on the creed of the President, he said “the Gambian leader is ordained by God. He is a true Muslim, full of inspiration to transform The Gambia to a developed nation”. Therefore, he reiterated, “it is the responsibility of all Gambians to support his development endeavours”.

On the significance of Tabaski, Chief Bah said it is a day for Muslims to get together to worship Allah and pray for the nation and the entire Ummah. He said such gatherings would foster greater understanding and cooperation among people. He, therefore, urged all Muslims to maintain unity and cooperation and forgive one another in the interest of peace.