Limpopo on 2018 back to school campaign program

The campaign to welcome back learners and teachers will be lead by the Premier, Mr Chupu Stanley Mathabatha and Members of Executive.

The purpose of this campaign is to monitor the re-opening of schools from 17th -19th January 2018, encourage learners to prioritise education and strive to achieve higher marks in their studies. Learners and Teachers will be motivated to stay focused and report at school on time.

The province has shown an impressive 2017 matric results improvement from 62.5% in 2016 to 65.6% in 2017.

The categories of schools which will be visited during this program are as follows:

Top Performing Schools in different districts

Underperforming Schools in different districts below 65%

Schools that have regressed in the past years

Source: Government of South Africa