Hundreds of people attend protest in Exeter to stop National…

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A united front against health service cuts, including the closure of local community hospital beds, was staged in Exeter today.

Hundreds of people from across Devon descended upon the city dressed in something red to take part in See Red Day on Saturday, December 3, between noon and 2pm.

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Protesters were seen marching in red lines from every direction along Sidwell Street, Fore Street, Queen Street, North Street, South Street, and Paris Street.

Protesters then gathered in Bedford Square where the speeches began.

Rachel May Tucker who attended the protest said she used to work for the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

She said: “I worked in the main RD&E hospital for over three years and I saw how hard some of the women and men work.

“I don’t think the NHS should be sold, and if it is sold then it needs to be bought by a company who is in care as well.

“But it is not, it is being sold to save money and it shouldn’t even be an option. These are people’s lives at the end of the day that we shouldn’t be playing with.”

Save Our Hospital Services campaigner Brian Dash said: “I am a service user of the mental health services in the NHS in Devon and I waited six months to see a consultant and I have waited two years to have therapy on the National Health Service.

“The aim of today is that we are all coming together as one county to tell the government that there are no red lines when it comes to cutting the National Health Service in Devon.

“We say no cuts, no privatisation and no closures. We call on the government to implement three simple reforms, fix NHS funding, removal of privatisatiion and end to the internal market.”

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