Evuxakeni patients to enjoy digital TV in 2017

The benefits of digital TV in Giyani, Limpopo, will be enjoyed first by psychiatric patients of Evuxakeni Hospital in 2017, says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

You can expect better quality pictures and sound (in 2017), you will be watching local free-to-air television in high definition (HD). Indeed, you will be first viewers to enjoy the benefits of digital TV in this area. Next year, we will return here to donate television sets and Set Top Boxes, she said.

Minister Muthambi was speaking during her annual year-end function with patients and the nursing staff at health facility she adopted in 2014 with the view of transforming the health facility into the centre of hope.

The Minister also announced that she will no longer visit the hospital on Mandela Day and in December for the year-end celebrations, but she will visit the Psychiatric Hospital every quarter. We’ve learnt that our visit always bring joy and hope to the patients. Next year, these patients are not going to miss out as we will be visiting them every quarter, she said.

During her first visit to the Psychiatric Hospital, Minister Muthambi emphasised the importance of revamping the health facility after she discovered that some of the walls were cracked, that there was a shortage of staff personnel, the kitchen was in a dilapidating state, the toilets pipes needed to be replaced as well as the shortage of geysers.

Through Minister Muthambi’s intervention, the hospital’s cracked walls have been fixed, the kitchen has been revamped, toilet pipes have been fixed, while the patients are now bathing with hot water as there are geysers and there is huge improvement in the filling of vacant posts.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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