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South Africa: Pistorius Case – Victim Shot in Defensive Position

Pretoria — Reeva Steenkamp was in a defensive position when she was hit by the last shots Oscar Pistorius fired at her through a locked toilet door, a ballistics expert testified in the paralympic athlete’s murder trial on Wednesday.

“She was in a defensive position,” Captain Chris Mangena told the High Court in Pretoria, bending forward in the witness stand and crossing his arms in front of his chest and face in demonstration.

Mangena said the first shot Pistorius fired struck a standing Steenkamp in her hip — according to the height of the wound and the bullet hole in the door — while the second missed her and ricocheted.

“Between the first shot and the second shot there is a break,” he added.

Explaining that the expanding “Black Talon” bullets Pistorius used were designed to cause maximum damage to human tissue, Mangena said the impact of the shot to her hip flung Steenkamp onto a magazine rack in the toilet cubicle.

“By then she was in a seated position with her back towards the wall,” he added.

He said, according to his findings, that the blonde model would have had both hands over her head, with the left and right hand across each other.

“Now, how do we determine that?” Mangena asked, then explained that Steenkamp had an entrance and exit wound on her right arm and that this arm was raised because bits of flesh transferred to the black vest she was wearing.

Bullet fragments also damaged the vest — further proof that the arm was in front of her chest.

She had a wound to her left hand where it was hit by the same bullet that struck her in the head, fracturing her skull.

“After this wound was inflicted, My Lady, she dropped immediately,” said Mangena.

He told the court that the height of the four holes in the door and the trajectory of the bullets indicated that Pistorius was probably not wearing his prosthetic legs when he fired the shots that killed his girlfriend.

This is consistent with the plea statement of the sprinter nicknamed “Blade Runner” who denies intending to kill Steenkamp, contending that he believed there was an intruder in the toilet cubicle.

According to his version, he put on his prostheses after the shooting when he discovered that Steenkamp was not in bed, and then used a cricket bat to break open the door.

But last week another police forensics expert testified that the height and angle of the bat marks suggested Steenkamp was also on his stumps when he wielded the bat.

Pistorius’s defence lawyer Barry Roux challenged that testimony and on Wednesday did the same with Mangena’s, on several counts. He told the ballistics expert that, if his reconstruction of the shooting were accurate, Steenkamp would have sustained injuries on the inside of her hand from fragments of bullet and bone that exited her head wound.

“My Lady, I disagree with that,” Mangena said, looking puzzled.

Roux asked why Mangena failed to perform tests on marks left on her body by wood splinters from the door to see how far from the door Steenkamp had been, and suggested sarcastically that perhaps he could do so now, a year later.

He also put it to the witness that contrary to his testimony Pistorius had shot in a so-called double tap rhythm, firing two shots in rapid succession, then paused and then fired two more in the same manner.

Again, Mangena disagreed.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel suggested that the timing of the shots instead fitted with the testimony of one of Pistorius’s neighbours who said she heard screams and then a shot, followed after a short pause by three more.

“Michelle Burger, the first witness, said she heard the following: ‘a shot, a pause, a shot, shot, shot,” said Nel.

Mangena answered: “My Lady, that is possible. You have one shot, a break and the other three shots, it is possible,” said Mangena.

Throughout his testimony, Pistorius sat with his head clutched in his hands.

The State then called to the witness stand a mobile phone expert who testified that Pistorius had visited porn and used car websites not long before Steenkamp died.

Colonel Mark Sale said data on the iPad 3 and an iPad 2 found on the scene the histories had the same type of content. It showed that Pistorius searched the porn website at 6.30pm on February 13, 2013, and later looked at cars including an Aston Martin Rapide R.

After Sale’s testimony, Nel was granted an adjournment until Monday to allow the State to make final witness consultations as it prepares to wrap up its case.

“We have reached this juncture in the trial, My Lady, where the State is wrapping up our evidence and we are contemplating wrapping up our case.”

The State intended calling about five more witnesses, he said.

Malawi: Electoral Commission Seeks Consensus on Fighting Political Violence

With two days to go before the official campaign period kicks off, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has organised an all-party conference aimed at eliminating political violence in the run up to the May 20 general elections.

This follows the death of two people including a police officer when violence erupted at a rally addressed by President Joyce Banda at Goliati in Thyolo district on Sunday.

President Banda has since directed the law enforcing agencies to thoroughly investigate the incident and that all those directly or indirectly involved should face the full wrath of the law.

MEC commissioner Nancy Tembo says they are confident of an improved situation on violence after the meeting.

Pistorius Trial – Week Three, Day Three [analysis]

It’s the thirteenth day of the Pistorius trial, but despite that inauspicious number, it may be a lucky one for any witnesses nervous of the heat of media attention. Whatever the state’s ballistics expert produces today, the really explosive news of the day will be taking place just a few kilometres down the road from the North Gauteng High Court, when Thuli Masonsela releases her report on Nkandla.

Who had a more uneasy night’s sleep: ANC strategists, or Barry Roux’s next victim? REBECCA DAVIS waits to see.

09.00 It’s Wednesday in the all-too familiar Courtroom GD, or as we like to call it, ‘home’. We expect that in South Africa at least, public attention will be diverted firmly from this court from midday onwards, to attend to the Public Protector’s report. We’ll be doing our bit to stay focused.

Matters will be resuming here with the evidence of Captain Christian Mangena, the state’s ballistics expert, who concluded yesterday by giving us Pistorius’s measurements on his prosthetics and without. We’ll be hearing more today about the angle and direction from which the state thought Pistorius’s fired….

Source : Daily Maverick

The DA Supports the IEC Code of Conduct [press release]

This is the pledge given by DA Leader Helen Zille at the IEC Code of Conduct signing in Midrand, Gauteng today

I would like to acknowledge the presence of acting Chief Justice Moseneke, Presiding Officer Judge Makhanya, Aocate Tlakula and the Commission, leaders and representatives of political parties, distinguished guests.

Presiding Officer Judge Makhanya said that the Code of Conduct we are pledging to uphold today is provided for in the Constitution. The Code exist to ensure the playing fields are level to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

When the Honorable Judge read the Code, we all heard that its focus is on tolerance, non-violence and free political activity. These are all essential elements for a free and fair election.

The DA pledges unconditional and wholehearted support for the Code. In addition, we need to ask ourselves: is it sufficient to ensure that the playing fields are level to ensure a free, fair and credible election?

Experience has taught us that we need to add several elements to this Code through the IEC’s multi party forum. For example, one aspect that should be added is a pledge by parties that they will not use state resources for party political purposes. There are very few things that skew the electoral playing fields as much as this kind of abuse.

This undermines free, fair and credible elections.

As the DA, we PLEDGE our support for the Code today.

Helen Zille, Leader of the Democratic Alliance

Source : Democratic Alliance

Fawu Press Statement On Support to NUMSA Strike Action On Youth – for the Record!!! for the Record!!! [press release]

We wish to reiterate that the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) is in FULL support to the National Union of Metalworkers (NUMSA) in the class battle against Youth Wage Subsidy romanticized as Employment Tax Incentives and other neoliberal government policies as stated in our Press Statement of the 18th March 2014.

To this effect, thousands of our members who are available (ie on leave, working afternoon and night shifts and so on) are now joining the protest marches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg this morning.

FAWU will still take legal aice on how to become part of rolling mass action against Youth Wage Subsidy, Labour Brokers and other battles lying ahead for the working class.

For more information kindly feel free to contact:

Katishi Masemola, General Secretary, at 082 467 2509

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions