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Leading African IT Consultancy Uses BMC Remedy to Deliver Customer-Centric Service Management

HOUSTON, Nov. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gijima, one of the leading IT companies in South Africa, serves 90 of the top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company is recognized in both the public and private sectors for the breadth and depth of its IT management offering.

Gijima provides both a full view of the services being delivered and helps customers interpret service performance in both IT and business impact. To deliver these insights, Gijima selected BMC Remedy 8.1, the “best of breed” service management platform that allows for the comprehensive management of outsourced services.

Key Facts to Know

  • Gijima is the first IT service provider in southern Africa to provide a Service Management Platform focused on solving the needs of the people using the services versus the traditional IT-centric orientation.
  • The initial implementation of BMC Remedy focused on tracking incidents and requests for service. Gijima subsequently expanded its relationship with BMC to meet market demands for unified Configuration Management Databases (CMDB), Business Service Views and Availability contracts.
  • In addition to significant cost savings, customers will benefit from market-leading functionality and deeper interaction with the Gijima service management team.
  • Gijima integrated Remedy 8.1 with its mobility platform for Knowledge and Field Services. As a result, customers can use a mobile app and execute basic self-help processes.

Supporting Perspectives

Chris Jenkins, business manager service support, Management and Automation, ICT Services, a division of Gijima:

“We needed a stable Service Management Platform that could support all of our outsourced services seamlessly, while allowing us to develop the customer centric business views requested by our clients. We conducted an extensive vetting process, and BMC Remedy continued to come out on top as the most versatile solution to meet our and our customer needs. BMC Remedy 8.1 has really enabled our new Client Centric vision to be realized at the Service Management platform level. I believe it has set the roadmap for great things to come.”

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Leading Tutoring Franchise to Debut in North Africa

Tutor Doctor Secures Franchise Agreement in Tunisia; Continues Strategic International Development

VAN NUYS, Calif., Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tutor Doctor, a worldwide tutoring franchise that provides individualized home-based instruction to learners of all ages, recently announced the opening of its first franchise location in North Africa.

The signed agreement is a result of a successful visit to Tunisia in March 2013 for the Tunisian Franchise Expo, Tunis MedFranchise Expo 2013, supported by the International Franchise Association (IFA), the U.S. State Department, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII). Tutor Doctor was the only North American franchise to attend the expo in person.

“As a market that is rapidly creating new opportunities for entrepreneurship, Tunisia is a great growth market for our brand,” said Rogelio Martinez, Vice President of International Franchise Development for Tutor Doctor. “This is the place of birth of the Arab Spring Revolution; this is a country where people want change. One of the best ways to create change is to give people opportunities to have better education to help them aspire more in life. This is what Tutor Doctor is all about.”

Leading the expansion in North Africa are franchise owners, and brother and sister, Asma Belgaied Hassine and Tahar Belgaied Hassine. Prior to investing in a Tutor Doctor franchise, Asma was working as a team manager for Lyxor Asset Management, a subsidiary of Societe Generale, the second largest French bank. She studied in Tunisia until the age of 18 and then moved to France where she received a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, both from Ecole Centrale Paris. Her brother, Tahar, is currently a field force manager for a pharmaceutical company in Tunis. He received his MD from the MD school of medicine of Tunis and he is expecting to receive his MBA in 2014 from the Universite de Quebec à Montreal. Another interesting fact about Tahar is that he is fluent in four different languages including Arabic, French, English and Italian.

“We are thrilled to have launched operations in Tunisia with two astounding franchise owners,” said Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor. “Tunisia is an untapped franchise market and now, with the help of the Middle East Investment Initiative, more qualified candidates will be able to pursue their dreams of becoming a business owner.”

Tutor Doctor has over 370 franchised territories worldwide with locations in Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and the Caribbean. The company will also be exploring Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa as a part of the Franchise Trade Mission co-sponsored by the IFA. Tutor Doctor is planning to open at least two more offices in Africa within the next three months.

“Tunisia, the Pearl of North Africa, has always been in the cross-roads of different civilizations and is the birth-land of science and literature,” said Asma Belgaied Hassine. “Nowadays, in this emerging country, knowledge continues to be the key to the future. We strongly believe that giving the best tutoring support for the best value is what we need in Tunisia and Tutor Doctor is giving us this opportunity. When we first met Rogelio from Tutor Doctor, we were charmed by the idea of opening our own Tutor Doctor franchise and we knew that it was exactly what we were looking for.”

About Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor was founded in 2000 as an alternative to the “one-to-many” teaching model most extra-curricular learning centers offer by providing a personalized one-on-one, in-home tutoring service to students.  The company quickly grew and in 2003 turned to franchising as a way of expanding the company’s impact and meeting the vast market demand. Now with offices internationally in Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality as the lives of students and their families are being positively impacted throughout the world. With over 370 franchised territories worldwide, Tutor Doctor was listed by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest growing franchise brands. For more information about Tutor Doctor visit the web site at

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“بتروتكنيكس” تطبق الخبرة في مخاطر التشغيل لمساعدة مديري عملية ايقاف التشغيل والتحول على تحسين الأداء بوجه عام في ملتقى رئيسي بالشرق الأوسط

أبردين، اسكتلندا في 11 تشرين الثاني/ نوفمبر 2013 / بي آر نيوز واير / ایشیانیٹ باکستان —

تعتزم شركة “بتروتكنيكس”  Petrotechnics  تقديم عرض رئيسي وورشة عمل تتضمن رؤى  وأدوات عملية لتحسين الخطط في بيئة للتحول وتخفيف مخاطر التشغيل كجزء من شراكتها الاستراتيجية القائمة مع شركة “فلمينج جالف”  Fleming Gulf .

وفي الملتقى السنوي الثالث لايقاف التشغيل والتحول الذي سيعقد في الدوحة، قطر يوم التاسع عشر من شهر تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2013، ستساعد “بتروتكنيكس  Petrotechnics   المندوبين في استكشاف طرق أيسر وأكثر فعالية  لإدارة عبء العمل ضد المخاطر،  وتحسين تنفيذ الخطط وتقليل تراكم الأعمال غير المنجزة والتعامل مع ما يظهر من عمل.

وسيستكشف إيان ماكاي نائب الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة “بتروتكنيكس”  Petrotechnics  القدرة على عرض المخاطر بطريقة أشمل لتمكين المشغلين على نحو استباقي من إدارة عبء العمل ضد المخاطر، وضمان محافظة القوة العاملة على المسار الحرج لخطة التحول بطريقة آمنة.  و سيناقش أيضا كيف يمكن للمنظمات أن تحسن قدرتها على الاستجابة للبيئة الحيوية والمخاطر ذات الصلة بعبء العمل كبير الحجم وعالي الكثافة وهما من الخصائص المميزة لاي عملية تحول.

وخلال إحدى ورشات العمل التي سنعقدها سيشرح المستشاران الكبيران آندي بارتلت وبيت كووي كيف يمكن للتكنولوجيا الجديدة والأدوات البسيطة أن تقدم الحل لصنع قرارات أكثر استنارة من خلال مزيد من التبصر والرؤية بشأن محركات المخاطر وأنواعها وتعارضها والمخاطر التراكمية.

وستوضح ورشة العمل أيضا كيف يمكن لفهم وإدارة التفاعل بين مخاطر سلامة الأصول وإدارة الحواجز وعبء العمل أن يوفر الاساس لعملية سليمة لاعادة منشأة الى سابق عهدها وتسليمها.

وقال ماكاي “مع قدرة محدودة لمراعاة حقائق إدارة العمل أو الخطر الكلي، فإن هذا يمكن أن يشكل تحديا ليس فقط لادارة العمل بالغ الاهمية المتعلق بالامان والسلامة، ولكن ايضا  لضمان اتساق التنفيذ مع الجدول الزمني والخطة. إذ يمكن لأي تأخير أن تكون له عواقب هائلة ونحن نعلم أنه من المهم أن نظل على المسار الصحيح فيما نبقى في آمان  تام .

وفي هذا الملتقى، سوف نظهر بيئة مشتركة لفرق المخططين والصيانة والعمليات، لتغيير المنشآت التقليدية وتمكينها من إدارة عبء العمل ضد المخاطر استباقيا، وأن تحسن إلى حد كبير كفاءة وآداء عملية التحول.  وبتغيير النهج ،يمكننا تسهيل الأمور ودفع التحسن المستدام في سائر عملياتنا لمراقبة الانشطة الانتاجية الرئيسية.”

وباستخدام  تكنولوجيا ذكية لدمج هذه التخصصات  كليا دون زيادة تعقيد ، يمكن للمنظمات استخدام وجهة نظر مشتركة لتحسين عملية صنع القرار والتحرك بقوة نحو بيئة تشغيل مثلى وجاهزة للإنتاج، وهو الهدف في نهاية أي عملية تحول ناجحة.

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