South Africa: IFP Youth Brigade New Years Message

The IFP Youth Brigade wishes all South Africans a happy new year.

The Peoples’ struggle for jobs and dignity is our struggle. We are in this together. This is the struggle for 2017.

In 2017 the #FeesMustFall Movement must continue to ensure the decommercialisation of education; education is a right for all and not a privilege for the selected few.

Free education must first and foremost benefit the poor, whose lives on a daily basis is punctuated by struggle and inequality.

Our democratic rights are not for sale to be sold to those with deep pockets whilst leaving the poor, struggling and vulnerable languishing in a socio-economic wilderness without hope and progress in life and unable to contribute to South Africa’s economic growth and development because they do not have the money to buy education.

As we enter 2017 we must not lose sight of the most pressing issues that continue to plague our country, our own attention should remain focussed on rescuing a declining economy, we must address the pandemic of persistent unemployment which now stands at 27.1% and and must deal decisively with the hardships of confronting millions of South Africans

In the face of these challenges it goes without saying that 2017 will be a difficult year for South Africa; a year of difficult choices and tough decisions on competing priorities.

In 2017 the IFP will continue, under the able and capable leadership of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, being a voice of reason; and an island of hope and integrity in sea of corruption and poor leadership. We remain committed to standing with people and we are sternly focussed on doing that which is right at all times, and at all costs.

In 2017 let us put South Africa first, and this will only be achieved through a new discipline of working together for the National Interest.

Source: Inkatha Freedom Party

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