Gauteng Government commits to sharing best practice lessons with Botswana

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) on behalf of the Gauteng Provincial Government has entered into an information sharing partnership with the government of Botswana on best practice when it comes to the delivery of infrastructure.

Member of the Executive Committee (MEC) Jacob Mamabolo today, 7 November 2016, hosted a delegation of officials from the office of the President of Botswana and introduced the team to GDID’s infrastructure nerve centre Lutsinga Infrastructure House, which has changed how the province delivers projects including schools, hospitals, clinics and community centres among others.

During the meeting Mamabolo took the delegates through how the infrastructure nerve centre helps the department keep track all developments in the project delivery pipeline. “We meet here with senior managers every Monday to monitor our portfolio and the work we do. Things we learn here every Monday cannot be taught at any university,” Mamabolo told the meeting.

He says the interest by the Botswana Government and recently by the Ugandan government shows the recognition that GDID “is doing something right”. The existence of Lutsinga Infrastructure House has assisted the GDID in managing a portfolio of projects and properties on behalf of the GPG. It provides timely data and information on the status and knowledge of construction, maintenance, design and planning projects in order to enhance both strategic and operational decision-making in the organisation.

“The system gives us transparency, it means now our officials do not keep important data on projects in their notebooks. We now have a single view that shows us our entire asset portfolio and our projects that are currently under construction,” says Mamabolo. He adds that he has made it his responsibility to ensure that money spent in putting up the system is not wasted and that there is a culture change throughout GDID staff so that its operations are aligned to what he calls a “new paradigm shift” in infrastructure delivery.

Delegation leader and coordinator of Botswana’s Government Implementation Coordination John Phatswe told the meeting that his government is looking to GDID for a partnership and an information sharing platform to ensure lessons they learn from Lutsinga Infrastructure House helps their country when it comes to project delivery.

“We are excited and delighted that MEC has taken off his politician cap and wears that of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). This is not our last visit here, I hope you allow us to come with our Vice President who will be excited by this approach you are taking to infrastructure delivery,” says Phatswe.

Source: Government of South Africa.

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