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Four taken to hospital after 'chemical incident' at Hampshire school

FOUR people including one teenager have been rushed to hospital after a suspected chemical incident at a Hampshire school.

Firefighters and South Central Ambulance Service were called to the school shortly before 10am following reports …

Written question – Explosions at the BASF factory in Ludwigshafen – E-007823/2016

On 17 October 2016 there were two explosions in two chemical facilities belonging to the BASF plant, south of Frankfurt in Germany. At present, two people have died, two are missing and six have been …

Exeter nail bomber attacker Nicky Reilly has died in prison

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A convert jailed for life after a terrorist attack in Exeter has died, reports suggest.

Nicky Reilly, from Plymouth, attempted to blow up the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre in 2008 but

Chemical Weapon Use Must Not Become ‘New Normal’, First Committee Speakers Warn, Issuing Calls for New Solutions to Combat Bioterrorism Threats

Speakers expressed their deep concern with the danger of non-State actors and terrorist groups obtaining and using chemical and biological weapons, but differed on ways to approach the issue, as the First Committee (Disarmament and …

Booby-trapped bicycles

Under the scorching midday sun and the rattle of heavy artillery and Kalashnikov fire, three men on the Libyan coast are deactivating mines with electricians’ pliers, clad in flak jackets and helmets that will do …

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