RTMC calls on youth to say “no” to road carnages

Road accidents have a catastrophic effect on families and society as a whole. As the country commemorates Youth Month we reflect on the impact that road fatalities have on youth in particular. While many youth are left with disabilities, many are left with permanent emotional scars that prevent them from fully exploring the joys life has to offer them, all as a result of road crashes.
Statistics indicate that youth account for the highest number of road fatalities annually when compared to other age groups. In 2019 youth aged 20-24 constituted 11.54% of total fatalities, those aged 25-29 constituted 21.79% meanwhile ages 30-34 constituted 8.97%. Statistics for the previous year indicate that ages 20-24 constituted 12.84%, ages 25-29 constituted 19.27% and ages 30-34 constituted 11.01%.
The death of youth robs the nation of much needed resources and skills, a tragedy we can change. The future of any country is in its youth and during this youth month the RTMC calls on youth to say “NO” to road carnages by becoming active road safety ambassadors who aim to promote change and influence South Africans to demonstrate responsible road user behaviour.
Together we can save more lives.

Source: Government of South Africa

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