DCI Expands Presence in Marsabit with New Sub-County Offices

Marsabit County – The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is set to enhance its operational capacity in Marsabit County with the opening of new offices in the newly created sub-counties of Sololo and Dukana. This move is aimed at making the law enforcement entity more responsive to the needs of the residents in these areas.

According to Kenya News Agency, a logistics team from the DCI will soon visit Sololo and Dukana to assess the requirements for establishing these offices, which are expected to be operational within a month. Amin made these remarks while officiating the opening of the Marsabit Central DCI sub-county offices, a facility constructed with support from the local National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

Amin acknowledged the significant improvement in the security situation in Marsabit County, attributing this progress to the cooperation between local leadership and law enforcement agencies. He expressed his gratitude for the new office block, funded at a cost of Sh7 million, noting its potential to enhance service delivery in the region. The DCI plans to post additional crime scene personnel to Marsabit, taking advantage of the increased capacity provided by the new facility.

The DCI Director General commended Saku MP Col. (Rtd.) Dido Raso for his contribution to the project and lauded the NG-CDF management for their prudent use of public resources. Amin highlighted the anticipated positive impact of the new facility on crime fighting and justice delivery in Marsabit.

Amin also addressed the issue of cross-border crime between Ethiopia and Kenya, revealing ongoing discussions with Ethiopian counterparts to develop a joint framework to tackle these challenges. The establishment of DCI offices in border sub-counties is part of a broader strategy to combat crimes such as human and drug trafficking and the smuggling of small arms.

The Director General further stated that the government is undertaking reforms in the national police service to enhance its professionalism and responsiveness. He emphasized the commitment of the police service to ensure national safety and security.

During the event, Amin responded to concerns raised by Raso and Senator Mohamed Chute regarding the disappearance of two local businessmen prior to the last general election. He assured that investigations are underway into their alleged abduction and forced disappearance.

The opening ceremony, which also included a tree-planting exercise, was attended by Marsabit County Commissioner Nobert Komora and the DCI Regional Coordinator Eastern, Lenny Kisaka, among other dignitaries.

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