Cascades Region Prioritizes Strengthening Preschool Education and Media Collaboration

Banfora, The Regional Director of Preschool, Primary, and Non-Formal Education (DREPPNF) in the Cascades region, Yacouba Traoré, met with local media representatives on Monday, November 13, 2023, in Banfora to discuss the priorities and responsibilities of his office.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the meeting, which took place at the Regional Directorate of Preschool, Primary, and Non-Formal Education, was attended by nearly twenty journalists from the Cascades region. Traoré presented the vision, priorities, and responsibilities of the DREPPNF to the media professionals, emphasizing the importance of preschool education in the region.

Journalists raised their concerns and offered suggestions for collaboration to enhance professionalism in media reporting. The regional director expressed his willingness to work with the media to ensure equitable access to information and raise awareness about the challenges faced by the region. He urged media personnel to verify information before broadcasting or publishing and to avoid disseminating content that could harm social cohesion.

TraorĂ© invited the media to support the visibility of DREPPNF’s actions and contribute to improving education in the Cascades region.