Seychellois Author-Photographer Vanessa Nicette Pursues Dream Project in Seychelles

Berlin/Seychelles – Vanessa Nicette, a Seychellois author-photographer based in Berlin, Germany, is currently in Seychelles to involve her compatriots in a unique book project. The project focuses on collecting people’s dreams, combining written accounts with photographs taken at their sleeping places.

According to Seychelles News Agency, who has Seychellois heritage on her father’s side, she has been documenting people’s dreams for over a decade using her Mamiya 645 camera, primarily illuminated by bedside lamps. Her first book, “Dream,” showcases 60 dreams alongside photographs of the individuals who experienced them. With over 130 dreams collected in various languages since 2011, Nicette is eager to include the voices and dreams of people from Seychelles in her ongoing project.

Unlike the common use of digital cameras, Nicette prefers a medium format film camera for her photography, giving her photos a distinct quality. However, she faces challenges in Seychelles, as there are no facilities to develop her film, potentially requiring her to return to Germany for this purpose.

Nicette invites Seychellois who are interested in participating in her project to contact her by November 28. She can be reached at phone number 2547942 or via email at Further details about her work and project can be found on her website,

The inspiration for the project came during Nicette’s photography class, where she was tasked with choosing a theme to work on. Despite initial skepticism from her teacher, Nicette persisted, leading to the birth of this distinctive endeavor.

While this project is her first significant undertaking, Nicette has already gained recognition in the photography world. She was shortlisted for awards such as the Athens Photofestival 2022, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.