Registrar Urges Political Parties to Empower Youth to Fortify Democracy

Kisumu – Ann Nderitu, the Registrar of Political Parties, has called on political party leaders to educate and instill good values in young members to strengthen democracy in the nation. Speaking at the United Green Movement (UGM) party’s National Delegates Conference in Kisumu, Nderitu emphasized the pivotal role of the youth in the future of political organizations and the country.

According to Kenya News Agency, the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties is actively implementing capacity-building programs for political parties, with a special focus on young members poised to lead these organizations. She noted that her office has expanded its outreach by opening 12 regional offices, providing easier access to training resources designed to enhance governance, good governance practices, and fundraising skills within political parties.

The training, which is targeted at party officials and members, is crucial for developing robust political parties and promoting democratic principles. “All training materials are available in our regional offices, and we are prepared to offer training free of charge to any party that requires it,” Nderitu said.

She also challenged the youth and women’s leagues within political parties to seize these educational opportunities as they carve out their roles in the political landscape. Nderitu stressed the importance of building parties based on strong ideologies and legal compliance, criticizing parties that fail to live up to their ideological promises.

During her speech, Nderitu praised the UGM party for its adherence to legal standards and its focus on environmental conservation. “This party has membership in over 50 percent of the counties. In the 2022 General Election, you fielded over 100 candidates, which is a significant achievement for a new party,” she remarked.

UGM Co-party leader Augustino Neto reported that the conference approved new party members and discussed various topics including fundraising models, party logo, party manifesto, green politics, social justice, and equality.

New Web TV “Conscience 360” Launched in Burkina Faso to Foster National Sovereignty

Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso witnessed the launch of a new web-based television channel, Conscience 360 (C360), this Sunday. The channel, announced at an event in the capital, is designed to enlighten and raise awareness among the Burkinabè population and beyond, covering a broad spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, political, and spiritual topics.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the general director of Conscience 360, the channel is committed to strengthening and building the sovereignty of nations, with a particular focus on Burkina Faso. Hounkponou highlighted that C360 aims to integrate and expand upon the capacities of existing channels within the country to form a unified platform for progress and pride in Burkina Faso’s future.

The director outlined that Conscience 360 will provide a range of programming aimed at inspiring viewers and contributing to a renewed national identity. The channel already features shows like “Patriotes d’Afrique,” which showcases key figures in the development of African sovereignty, and “Cartes sur tables,” which offers analysis of political events. Other programs include “Le regard sur l’avenir” and “Une forêt qui grow,” which are designed to foster forward-looking perspectives and growth.

The launch event also featured remarks from Chériff Coulibaly, a representative of the C360 staff, who reiterated the channel’s dedication to delivering content that supports a free, prosperous, and sovereign Burkina Faso. The channel is based in Patte d’oie and employs a team of 12 image reporting journalists to cover diverse topics relevant to its audience.

Kenya Targets 95% Electricity Connectivity by 2027, Says Energy Official

Eldama Ravine – Alex Wachira, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Energy, announced the government’s commitment to achieving 95% electricity connectivity across Kenya by 2027. Speaking at a national tree planting event in Narasha forest, Eldama Ravine Constituency, Baringo County, Wachira outlined plans to increase the current electricity supply from 78% to 98% before the next General Election.

According to Kenya News Agency, the government, in collaboration with Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), is focused on expanding electricity access nationwide. He highlighted the gradual decrease in electricity costs compared to previous years and urged residents to support the president’s initiatives rather than oppose them.

The Principal Secretary responded to concerns raised by Eldama Ravine Member of Parliament, Musa Sirma, about low connectivity rates in his constituency. He assured that the Last Mile electricity connectivity program, set to roll out in the coming financial year, would address these issues, extending from Tugumoi to Molo River.

Wachira also emphasized the importance of environmental conservation as a critical response to climate change, linking recent severe weather events to climatic shifts. He stated, “Planting trees is the only medicine to mitigate the effects brought about by climate change; seven months ago we had a serious drought and now we have floods, these are the effects of climate change.”

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum aims to plant 5 million tree seedlings annually in Kericho and Baringo counties, a goal that requires broad collaboration. Wachira called on community forest associations (CFAs) and other stakeholders to help achieve a monthly target of 462,000 tree seedlings. He noted that the department donated 25,000 tree seedlings for local residents to plant at home.

The event also saw contributions from various state agencies and private sector partners. The State Department for Energy donated 50,000 tree seedlings, Kenya Pipeline, led by Managing Director Joe Sang, contributed 20,000, and Kenya Power participated with 10,000 seedlings and supported a tree conservancy initiative.

Baringo County Deputy Governor Felix Kipng’ok encouraged residents to plant economically beneficial fruit trees like macadamia, coffee, and avocado in their homes. Baringo Forest Conservator Ann Nyaoke reported progress in reducing the area of bare forest land, with a decrease from 700 hectares last year to 300 hectares, supported by 120,000 tree seedlings received from partners for this year’s planting efforts.

Kieni MP Takes Action to Address Flooded School Facilities Before Reopening

Kieni – As schools in Kieni prepare to reopen on Monday, Member of Parliament Njoroge Wainaina has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety and sanitation of school facilities following recent flooding. Wainaina has initiated the use of exhausters to drain flooded pit latrines across the constituency’s schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

According to Kenya News Agency, the urgency of these measures is to prevent any disruption in school attendance due to the unsanitary conditions caused by the floods. This initiative aligns with directives from President William Ruto, who recently emphasized the importance of utilizing the National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) to repair educational facilities affected by natural disasters.

A report from the Ministry of Education highlights the extent of the impact, noting that more than 60 schools in Nyeri County have experienced flooding in their sanitation facilities, with Kieni Constituency being the hardest hit. The assessment indicated that the floods affected a mix of primary and secondary schools across the region, with Kieni recording the highest number of impacted schools.

Wainaina also mentioned that local parents have been involved in the efforts, assisting with draining water from classrooms that were less affected by the floods. The MP’s commitment to restoring both classrooms and toilets underscores the community’s collective effort to ensure that educational activities can resume safely and without the risk of health issues related to the floodwaters.

Tinderet MP Urges Parents to Escort Children to School Amid Continued Rains

Tinderet – With the reopening of schools set for Monday, Tinderet Member of Parliament Julius Melly has called on parents to exercise caution and personally escort their children to school, especially when crossing rivers, due to ongoing heavy rains across the country. This safety measure aims to protect children from the heightened risk of floods, which have affected new areas this season.

According to Kenya News Agency, who spoke during a tree planting event at Gotnelel Girls Secondary School, the Constituency Development Fund has been mobilized to repair flood-damaged school infrastructure in time for the new term. Additionally, as a long-term flood mitigation effort, two percent of the constituency’s development fund will be allocated towards tree planting initiatives to increase forest cover.

The tree planting drive is not only aimed at environmental restoration, particularly in riparian zones to prevent flooding and landslides but also as a means to provide employment opportunities for youth. Melly mentioned that the youth would be involved in producing seedlings, which the CDF will purchase for distribution to schools and religious institutions, contributing to the national goal of planting 15 billion trees by 2032.

Tinderet Deputy County Commissioner Esther Oyugi also emphasized the need for caution, advising residents living in riparian areas or landslide-prone zones to relocate to safer locations. Her concerns were underscored by recent geological events, such as a rockfall in the Torondo area.

As schools prepare to resume, the Kenya Forest Service’s Tinderet Sub-County Manager, Fredrick Lito, reported that over 20,500 seedlings were planted locally on National Tree Planting Day. Lito detailed the specific areas where thousands of trees were added, including in Tinderet Forest and Nyayo Tea Zones, noting that the forest cover in Tinderet and Nandi County now surpasses 20 percent.

In support of this green initiative, the KFS is offering seedlings free of charge or at subsidized rates to encourage the community to plant trees during the ongoing rainy season, aligning with national conservation efforts.