New Web TV “Conscience 360” Launched in Burkina Faso to Foster National Sovereignty

Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso witnessed the launch of a new web-based television channel, Conscience 360 (C360), this Sunday. The channel, announced at an event in the capital, is designed to enlighten and raise awareness among the Burkinabè population and beyond, covering a broad spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, political, and spiritual topics.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the general director of Conscience 360, the channel is committed to strengthening and building the sovereignty of nations, with a particular focus on Burkina Faso. Hounkponou highlighted that C360 aims to integrate and expand upon the capacities of existing channels within the country to form a unified platform for progress and pride in Burkina Faso’s future.

The director outlined that Conscience 360 will provide a range of programming aimed at inspiring viewers and contributing to a renewed national identity. The channel already features shows like “Patriotes d’Afrique,” which showcases key figures in the development of African sovereignty, and “Cartes sur tables,” which offers analysis of political events. Other programs include “Le regard sur l’avenir” and “Une forêt qui grow,” which are designed to foster forward-looking perspectives and growth.

The launch event also featured remarks from Chériff Coulibaly, a representative of the C360 staff, who reiterated the channel’s dedication to delivering content that supports a free, prosperous, and sovereign Burkina Faso. The channel is based in Patte d’oie and employs a team of 12 image reporting journalists to cover diverse topics relevant to its audience.