Registrar Urges Political Parties to Empower Youth to Fortify Democracy

Kisumu – Ann Nderitu, the Registrar of Political Parties, has called on political party leaders to educate and instill good values in young members to strengthen democracy in the nation. Speaking at the United Green Movement (UGM) party’s National Delegates Conference in Kisumu, Nderitu emphasized the pivotal role of the youth in the future of political organizations and the country.

According to Kenya News Agency, the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties is actively implementing capacity-building programs for political parties, with a special focus on young members poised to lead these organizations. She noted that her office has expanded its outreach by opening 12 regional offices, providing easier access to training resources designed to enhance governance, good governance practices, and fundraising skills within political parties.

The training, which is targeted at party officials and members, is crucial for developing robust political parties and promoting democratic principles. “All training materials are available in our regional offices, and we are prepared to offer training free of charge to any party that requires it,” Nderitu said.

She also challenged the youth and women’s leagues within political parties to seize these educational opportunities as they carve out their roles in the political landscape. Nderitu stressed the importance of building parties based on strong ideologies and legal compliance, criticizing parties that fail to live up to their ideological promises.

During her speech, Nderitu praised the UGM party for its adherence to legal standards and its focus on environmental conservation. “This party has membership in over 50 percent of the counties. In the 2022 General Election, you fielded over 100 candidates, which is a significant achievement for a new party,” she remarked.

UGM Co-party leader Augustino Neto reported that the conference approved new party members and discussed various topics including fundraising models, party logo, party manifesto, green politics, social justice, and equality.