Zabré Embraces Citizen Monitoring to Support Burkina Faso’s Transition

Zabré – In a show of solidarity and national pride, the town of Zabré in the Boulgou province of Burkina Faso has embraced citizen monitoring as part of the country’s ongoing transition efforts. An AIB journalist noted that this grassroots initiative, which has been active in larger cities, has now been adopted in Zabré, reflecting the widespread public support for the transitional process.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the citizens of Zabré have established a vibrant and symbolic space at the Yaa Tilaï roundabout near the Zabré road station. This area is adorned with vehicle tires painted in the national colors of Burkina Faso and flags of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Russia. The roundabout also features benches, a stove, and a teapot, creating a communal atmosphere for discussions and gatherings.

On the evening of Saturday, November 18, 2023, the Yaa Tilaï roundabout became a hub of patriotic fervor. A large number of young people gathered there, passionately chanting slogans such as “long live the Transition,” “long live Ibrahim Traoré,” and “the Fatherland or death, we will conquer.” These chants reflect the deep-seated commitment of the community to the transitional government and its objectives.

The roundabout, which has been in place since November 11, 2023, is intended as a rallying point for patriots, as stated by Luc Sango, the president of the Faso Youth Alliance for Territorial Integrity (AJFIT). Sango emphasized the roundabout’s role as a symbol of the community’s steadfast support for Burkina Faso’s liberation and their gratitude towards the country’s leadership and fighting forces. He highlighted that the space is not only for AJFIT members but invites all peace-loving individuals to join in solidarity.

Members of AJFIT assert that they continually pray for the total liberation of Burkina Faso, believing in the power of collective prayer and unity. In line with this spirit, a special musical presentation was organized at the roundabout. Thérèse Lenga, known for her song “Faso Soldats” which pays tribute to the national armed forces, performed at the event, further galvanizing the community’s support for the transitional government and the military.

The establishment of the Yaa Tilaï roundabout and the activities of AJFIT in Zabré represent a unique form of civic engagement, demonstrating the community’s resilience and dedication to national solidarity and cohesion during this transitional period in Burkina Faso.

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