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Questions and Answers on the Commission's proposal for Atlantic and North Sea fish quotas (TACs) in 2018

How many fishing quotas (also referred to as Total Allowable Catches or TACs) are there in the Atlantic and North Sea?

Fishing opportunities for 78 TACs are being proposed today by the Commission for the …

Commission proposes fishing opportunities in the Atlantic and North Sea for 2018

Today the Commission presents its proposal for fishing opportunities in the Atlantic and the North Sea for 2018. The Commission proposes quotas for 78 stocks: for 53 stocks the fishing quota is either increased or …

Arctic Surf Clams

Managing fisheries based on robust scientific evidence is a priority for the government, and the long-term sustainability of the arctic surf clam fishery is the government’s primary concern.

Arctic surf clams are long lived and …

Minister Tootoo Sets Arctic Surf Clam Total Allowable Catch

A review of science and further consultations will occur before a spatial management system and new entrants are considered

December 18, 2015 – Ottawa, Ontario

The Honourable Hunter Tootoo, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the …

Questions and Answers on Total Allowable Catches (TACs) increase for 2016: Quota Top-ups

1) Why will the European Commission raise quotas for fisheries in 2016?

As of 2016, fish that otherwise would have been discarded will now be landed. To recognise the extra effort of the industry to …

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