Makueni Governor Encourages Youth Discipline for Sports Excellence

Makueni – Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr of Makueni County emphasized the importance of discipline and adherence to rules for young athletes aspiring to excel in sports. Speaking on Friday, the governor underscored the significant opportunities that sports offer to the youth, including the chance to be scouted by national or international teams.

According to Kenya News Agency, the remarks were made as he welcomed teams participating in the upcoming MKJ Super Cup, an event set to take place on Saturday and Sunday. Highlighting the potential for discovery by scouts, Mutula stated, “Scouts are coming to Makueni having seen what we produced in the past, they are coming to check whether they can find talented youths to sign up for either national or international level teams.” He stressed the dual importance of showcasing talent and maintaining discipline on the field as key factors for success.

The MKJ Super Cup serves as a precursor to the Kenya Youth Inter-county Sports Association (KYISA) games, scheduled to be held in Kilifi County from April 14th to 21st, 2024. Winners in soccer, basketball, and volleyball from the Super Cup will go on to represent Makueni, the defending champions from last year’s games held in Meru. The games are open to youth aged 18-23 years.

In addition to celebrating youth sports, Governor Mutula called for fairness and adherence to game rules during the KYISA games, uniting sportsmen and women from all 47 counties. He also shared plans for the construction of stadiums meeting international standards within the county, aiming to enhance the sports infrastructure for local athletes.

Eng. Peter Mumo, the Executive Committee Member for the Department of Gender and Sports, confirmed readiness for the weekend’s event, highlighting the availability of necessary security and resources. The announcement was made in the presence of Sports Director Ambrose Kisoi and other county officials.