Libyan municipalities to step up information services for the communities

In the framework of the “Baladiyati” (“My Municipality”) programme, communication experts of 27 municipalities came together in a three-day seminar on strategic communications. The event aimed at strengthening communication between local administrations and the communities, and improve access to information on public services.
Tripoli, 10/06/2021
Media professionals and communication specialists discussed over three days with municipal employees from across Libya strategies to strengthen the information flow between local authorities and communities on key public services. Communication officers representing 27 Libyan municipalities participated in the workshop on strategic communications in Tripoli this week.
“This workshop marks a significant step forward in supporting municipalities and the difficulties and obstacles they face,” said Mr. Mohamed Abo Helqa, International Cooperation Advisor to the Minister of Local Governance. He added: “Communications and media play an important role in municipalities’ work, as they serve as a bridge between the local communities and the municipal councils and decision-makers.” “Information is an important part of an efficient public administration, providing peoples access to such essential services such as education, water supply or health care. Municipalities currently also have a key role in informing citizens about COVID-19, protection measures, vaccination and treatments,” said Sandra Goffin, Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the European Union to Libya. “Communication experts in municipalities are the bridge between local administrations and the communities. This seminar is therefore an important element of our cooperation with Libyan municipalities on improving access to public services across the country.”
The workshop was organised as part of the “Baladiyati” (“My Municipality”) programme, a programme funded by the European Union that aims at assisting Libyan municipalities in improving access to public services for the people. Baladiyati is implemented by the Italian Cooperation (AICS), the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Local Government.
The Italian Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Walter Di Martino, who participated in the opening of the workshop, said: “The Italian Embassy expresses the full endorsement of today’s initiative in support of the Libyan municipalities, acknowledging their role as fundamental actors in the process of a stable and prosperous Libya. Building upon the long-lasting collaboration with the Ministry of Local Governance, Italy is committed to a comprehensive set of initiatives to the benefit of all populations in the country, contributing to improved social services, a fruitful liaison between the Libyan and the Italian local administrations and sectorial projects with a focus on agriculture.”
Mr. Andrea Senatori, Head of the AICS Regional Office for Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, renewed the commitment of the Italian Cooperation in direct support of Libyan municipalities, and said: “We are very happy to offer our support to the Libyan Press Officers, who are responsible for documenting and sharing critical information about key services which municipalities provide to their local communities. We trust that effective information and communication systems with and within the communities are key to improved access to those public services likely to change the quality of life in the municipalities.” UNDP Libya Resident Representative, Mr. Gerardo Noto, highlighted: “Libyan Press Officers have a vital role in reinforcement trust and raising awareness with the public and we are confident that this workshop will help build stronger bridges between local authorities and communities.” “Communication plays a vital role in informing the public as well as our donors about the programme utilization and its perception within the target municipalities,” said UNICEF Special Representative to Libya, Mr. Abdulkadir Musse. “It is our pleasure to work closely with the local authorities in Libya and the participation of the communication officers in this programme reflects the engagement at the local government level.”

Source: UN Development Programme

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