Violence Erupts at Local Football Match in Busia, Nine Injured

BUSIA, Kenya – A local football match in Busia County turned violent over the weekend, resulting in injuries to nine individuals associated with Kakurikit Bullets FC. The clash took place during a league game against Kokare FC at the Kokare Primary School grounds, culminating in chaotic scenes that overshadowed the sporting event.

According to Kenya News Agency, the altercation ensued following the 1-0 defeat of Kakurikit Bullets FC by Kokare FC. Notable injuries were reported among the team’s lineup, including players Emmanuel Barasa, Elisha Imai, and key staff such as Transport Manager Evans Amurwon and team doctor Brian Obari. These individuals faced serious injuries and were subsequently treated at Life Care Bungoma Hospital. Additionally, Head Coach Godfrey Osere and other team members sustained injuries and received medical attention at Kocholia Sub County Hospital.

The violence reportedly began after Kokare FC fans, allegedly armed with clubs, disrupted the match. This escalation led to a halt in play and subsequent injuries. Kakurikit Bullets FC’s senior advisor, Celestine Oriama, attributed the outbreak of violence to provocations from the opposing team’s supporters. Moreover, there were grievances about the perceived biased officiating, prompting calls from the Kakurikit officials for changes in referee assignments to prevent such incidents.

The match itself was marred by controversies, including claims from Kakurikit that Kokare FC fielded ineligible players. These tensions contributed to a 10-minute stoppage in the second half, as officials from both teams engaged in altercations.

Despite the unrest, the match concluded with Kokare FC emerging victorious, thanks to a 16th-minute goal from Ismael Miya. This win brings Kokare FC closer to the top of the league, reducing the gap to league leaders FC Amagoro.

The incident has cast a shadow over the local football league, highlighting issues of safety and sportsmanship. In other Zone A matches, the league saw Rwatama and Katakwa registering wins, while in Zone B, Mabale and Angorom secured victories, intensifying the competition across the board.

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