Murang’a County Assembly Calls for Enhanced Agricultural Extension and Research Investment

MURANG’A, Kenya — The Murang’a County Government has been called upon to prioritize investment in extension services, research, and innovation to bolster local farming.

According to Kenya News Agency, presented by the chairperson of the Committee on Implementation, Hilary Muchoki, the move aims to arm farmers with modern skills and technologies to improve their productivity and meet market demands.

The report emphasizes the need for the county to collaborate with stakeholders to establish robust extension networks. These networks would facilitate training in best farming practices, access to financial services, and market development support, thereby optimizing the benefits of the county’s subsidy programs for mango and milk production.

Muchoki highlighted the challenges faced by local farmers, including outdated technological practices, pest control issues, and inaccuracies in the subsidy program’s beneficiary records. These challenges undermine the effectiveness of the current support structures and impede farmers’ market competitiveness.

Chefman Njoroge, an MCA from Kahumbu ward, supported the motion and stressed the importance of accountability among farmers to prevent fraud. He advocated for real-time monitoring and record-keeping of farmers’ production capabilities.

Further, the report suggests improvements in infrastructure, particularly in roads and transportation, to ensure timely delivery of mangoes and milk to markets. It also recommends the establishment of policies and structures to provide a fair playing field for dairy farmers and to facilitate access to a reliable market for their products, aiming for sustainable growth and profitability in the agricultural sector.