Two Schoolgirls Donate 32,500 CFA Francs to Burkina’s Patriotic Support Fund

Ouagadougou — In a remarkable act of patriotism, twin schoolgirls, Noéla and Toussiane Zabré, contributed 32,500 CFA francs to Burkina Faso’s Patriotic Support Fund. The students, enrolled in the 5th grade at the MonSeigneur André Dupont school complex, raised the money by selling candy. Initially intended to fund a motorbike purchase, the twins decided to redirect their earnings to support national efforts against terrorism under President Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s appeal.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the Zabré twins have pledged to continue their support by donating 30% of their future sales to the fund and have expressed a desire to encourage their peers to assist in visiting war-wounded soldiers. They also plan to seek permission from the President for a frontline visit to bolster their commitment to the national cause.

The daily Sidwaya further reported that this patriotic drive is part of a broader national effort. Listeners and viewers of the Savane Médias group contributed a substantial 70 million 50 thousand CFA francs. Yacouba Jacob Barry, responsible for the collection at Savane Médias, highlighted that these donations came from both local citizens and the diaspora.

Additionally, traders from the rural commune of Rambo in the Northern region’s Yatenga province journeyed to Ouagadougou to present a check for 1 million CFA francs, signaling their continued support for governmental peace efforts and the ongoing territorial reconquest.