Turkana’s Timothy Ekeno Clinches Fourth Title in Desert Wheelchair Race

ISIOLO – Timothy Ekeno from Turkana has secured his fourth title at the Desert Wheelchair Race, hosted in Isiolo, setting an exceptional time of 30:08:00 over the 21-kilometer course. This victory at the Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons’ Organization (NONDO) event marks a consecutive win for Ekeno, bolstering his status as the most successful athlete in the history of the competition.

According to Kenya News Agency, Ekeno’s victory comes with a prize of Sh100,000 and a trophy, recognizing his significant achievement in the annual race. The Turkana athlete’s performance continues a notable streak of success for the region, with Simon Lochor, Samwel Tinoru, and David Koyen also finishing in the top 15 competitors, placing 8th, 10th, and 15th respectively.

Ekeno, who has been a regular participant since Turkana’s first involvement in the NONDO competitions in 2018, attributed his continued success to the optimal training conditions in Lodwar, which he believes have significantly contributed to honing his skills. He expressed aspirations to qualify for the Paralympics, aiming to compete at the national and international levels.

The race not only highlighted Ekeno’s personal triumph but also underscored the potential of athletes from Turkana, as the region’s team looks forward to potential victory on the last day of the competition. The event was attended by key officials including Amos Ariong and James Ekanyuku, both Assistant Directors of Social Protection, Concepta Longole, the County Rehabilitation Officer, and Alex Marangach, Social Protection Officer for Turkana Central.

Ekeno’s victory adds another chapter to Turkana’s growing reputation in the adaptive sports domain, underscoring the region’s commitment to fostering talent and competitive spirit among its athletes.