New ATMIS Officers Undergo Induction to Bolster Mission Readiness in Somalia

Twelve newly deployed staff officers to the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) have completed an intensive five-day induction program, equipping them for their roles in the mission. The program was a collaborative effort between the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) and the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), designed to deepen the officers’ understanding of ATMIS’s operational and strategic mandate.

According to Somali National News Agency, ATMIS’s Deputy Force Commander overseeing Support and Logistics, the induction process included a comprehensive briefing on the mission’s standard operating procedures and regulatory frameworks, ensuring the officers are fully prepared. The training aimed to familiarize the officers with the conduct standards and the complexities of the operational environment in Somalia.

Maj. Gen. Muteti emphasized the urgency of the mission’s objectives, with a one-year timeframe for the officers to contribute significantly. The focus is on reducing the threat posed by Al-Shabaab and strengthening the Somali Security Forces.

At the induction’s opening ceremony, Maj. Gen. Kindu Gezu, ATMIS Military Chief of Staff, underscored the critical phase the mission is entering, particularly in terms of drawdown, and the significant role each officer will play in the mission’s success.

The officers, hailing from Eswatini, Kenya, and Uganda, bring diverse expertise to the mission. They will be responsible for managing day-to-day operations at the Force Headquarters in Mogadishu over the next year.

Lt. Col. Cosmus Rutaremwa, Assistant to the Force Commander, highlighted the unifying aspect of the training, reinforcing the commitment to peace and stability in Somalia. Having served in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) for 37 years, Lt. Col. Rutaremwa sees the induction as crucial for team cohesion.

Major Sanele Diaminia, a Senior Staff Officer at Force Headquarters and a 20-year veteran of the Eswatini military, expressed appreciation for the preparatory training. He shared a positive vision for Somalia’s future, recognizing the ripple effect of regional peace and security.

The induction program marks a significant step in preparing the ATMIS staff officers for their mission-critical roles in Somalia.