Senegal’s President Macky Sall Commends Electoral System Amid Presidential Vote

FATICK – As Senegal engaged in its presidential election on Sunday, outgoing President Macky Sall lauded the nation’s electoral framework for its robustness and integrity. Speaking after casting his ballot at the Thierno Mamadou Sall Center in Fatick, President Sall expressed his aspirations for a peaceful voting process, emphasizing the structured and transparent nature of the Senegalese electoral system.

According to Burkina Information Agency, he highlighted the inclusive representation at polling stations, with all candidates and the Autonomous National Electoral Commission (CENA) having observers on-site to ensure fairness. He elaborated on the procedural integrity of the electoral process, detailing that preliminary results would be posted at polling stations immediately after the vote, followed by scrutiny from departmental counting commissions and ultimate validation by the Constitutional Council.

In a notable departure from political continuity, President Sall, who has led Senegal for 12 years, is not seeking re-election, adhering to the constitutional limit of two terms. His presence at the polls was marked by a sense of civic duty and reflection on his tenure, during which he extended gratitude to the Senegalese populace for their support.

The electoral event in Senegal is pivotal, with 7,371,890 voters determining their next president from a slate of nineteen candidates, including one woman. This election marks a critical transition for Senegal, concluding an electoral cycle that has rigorously tested the nation’s democratic institutions.