Kenyan Public Hospitals Receive Innovative Wound Care Product Donation

MURANG’A, Kenya — Several public hospitals across Kenya are now equipped with a new broad-spectrum product designed to enhance the treatment of wounds, expediting the healing process for patients with both surgical and non-surgical injuries. This initiative is part of a larger effort to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce hospital stays for patients across the nation.

According to Kenya News Agency, a representative of the Colloidal Silver Solutions Company from Rwanda, the product known as colloidal silver solution was first introduced in Kenya at Nairobi Hospital in 2022. Since its introduction, it has demonstrated significant benefits in accelerating the healing process for patients, particularly those recovering from surgery.

The colloidal silver solution, a mixture of distilled water and silver particles, is utilized for wound cleansing. Mayienga explained the application process during the distribution of the solution at Murang’a Level-5 Hospital, noting that the silver particles form a protective layer over wounds, which helps reduce oxygen levels at the wound site, thereby enhancing the healing process.

In conjunction with the colloidal silver solution, hospitals received donations of an aloe vera gel, which is applied post-cleansing to provide a soothing effect and further antibacterial protection. Mayienga detailed the dual action of these products: while the gel aids in softening and removing dead skin tissue, the silver targets and eradicates bacteria, effectively safeguarding the wound from infection.

These products have undergone rigorous testing and received approval from Kenya’s Pharmacy and Poisons Board among other healthcare regulatory authorities. They have proven particularly effective in treating a variety of wounds, including burns, and have also been beneficial for gynecological applications and in alleviating complications from bedsores in cancer patients.

Jackie Wambui, another company representative, highlighted the pressing need for such advanced wound care solutions in Kenya, citing an analysis that places the country at the forefront in East Africa in terms of wound care challenges. Wambui emphasized that the current initiative is focused on donation and education, with the aim of familiarizing healthcare providers and patients with the benefits of silver-based treatments.

The company is monitoring the impact of these donations through feedback forms completed by healthcare facilities, ensuring that the benefits are substantial and consistent. Looking forward, there are plans to expand this initiative, potentially partnering with national and county governments to integrate colloidal silver and aloe vera treatments into the standard care protocols of public hospitals throughout Kenya.