Senegal Media Council Urges Journalists to Uphold Social Cohesion

DAKAR – The Council for the Observation of the Rules of Ethics and Professional Conduct in the Media (CORED) in Senegal has issued a call to action for media professionals, urging them to avoid propagating content that could incite xenophobia, racism, or any form of intolerance.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the organization emphasized the importance of responsible journalism, especially in refraining from amplifying harmful narratives that threaten societal harmony.

The appeal specifically targets the dissemination of content that could undermine social cohesion, highlighting recent concerns regarding public discourse by figures such as Mr. Tahirou Sarr of the Senegalese Nationalist Movement. CORED criticized the increasing media visibility given to voices that may foster divisiveness by scapegoating foreign individuals residing in Senegal.

In alignment with Article 18 of the Senegalese Press Code, CORED’s statement underscores the media’s pivotal role in maintaining a respectful and inclusive public sphere. The council’s condemnation of any media engagement that legitimizes stigmatizing commentary serves as a reminder of the sector’s ethical obligations to promote unity and reject divisive rhetoric.

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