Pô Celebrates Professor Michel Akotionga’s Advocacy and Humanitarian Efforts

PÔ — In a special tribute that resonated with profound respect and recognition, Professor Michel Akotionga, a renowned gynecologist and advocate against female genital mutilation (FGM), was honored by the National Radio Television of Burkina Faso. This event, held in sector No. 5 of Pô, highlighted Professor Akotionga’s commitment to healthcare and social issues.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the ceremony on Friday, March 29, 2024, celebrated Professor Akotionga’s contributions to medicine and his fight against FGM, showcasing his dedication to the welfare of women in Burkina Faso. In an emotionally charged interview, Professor Akotionga shared his personal motivations and broader concerns about the societal impact of politics and other pressing issues in Burkina Faso.

Professor Akotionga discussed his journey in medicine, shaped by the memory of his late mother and his desire to honor women’s struggles and achievements. His focus on combating FGM stems from a deep-seated belief in dignity and justice for all women, reflecting his optimism about eradicating this harmful practice in the future.

The professor also commented on the government’s recent healthcare initiatives, applauding the reduced costs for essential medical examinations which he believes will significantly aid the underprivileged. He expressed support for the transition government’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of public backing for these initiatives.

Addressing the new tradition day, Professor Akotionga praised the initiative for encouraging cultural reflection and unity, though he advised careful implementation to ensure its success. On the personal front, he explained his distance from politics, critiquing the divisive nature of political engagement in Burkina Faso that, in his view, has strained family bonds and undermined social cohesion.

Highlighting the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs), Professor Akotionga called for greater awareness and support, acknowledging the long-term challenges they face. He voiced concerns over land disputes, warning of their potential to fracture communities further.

In terms of national defense, he commended the anti-terrorism efforts led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré and the sacrifices of the Combatant Forces. Lastly, Professor Akotionga articulated his vision for local development in Pô, advocating for a cultural center and improved infrastructure to harness the region’s potential and empower the youth.

Tributes from various individuals during the program painted a portrait of a compassionate, engaged, and humble individual deeply rooted in African values, highlighting his influential role in both his local community and beyond.

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