Prime Minister Abiy Calls for Continued Support of Reforms in Nekemte Rally

NEKEMTE – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed rallied support for ongoing reforms at a large gathering in Welega Stadium, Nekemte Town, where he emphasized the critical roles of peace, unity, and development in Ethiopia’s progress. The event, which saw participation from residents across four zones of Welega, featured messages of peace and prosperity.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, Prime Minister Abiy, alongside high-ranking officials including Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives Tagese Chafo, Speaker of the House of Federation Agegnehu Teshager, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh, and Oromia Region Chief Administrator Shimelis Abdisa, advocated for a collaborative effort towards national advancement. Prime Minister Abiy stressed the importance of peace as a foundation for achieving significant economic and social goals. He highlighted the economic strides made since the initiation of his reforms, which have notably enhanced the agriculture sector and urban development.

The Prime Minister also addressed the need to avoid actions that could negatively affect future generations and called for dialogue and unity. He expressed a strong commitment to ensuring Ethiopia’s prosperity and its stature as a respected nation within Africa. “There is no force that can stop us from achieving what we have begun!” he declared, underscoring his determination to continue the transformative agenda set forth six years ago.