President Traoré Encourages Easter Prayers for National Unity and Peace

OUAGADOUGOU — In a heartfelt Easter message, President Ibrahim Traoré reached out to the Christian community in Burkina Faso, urging them to dedicate their prayers to the nation’s prosperity, peace, and stability. This call for spiritual support was articulated as Christians across the country commemorated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the Easter celebration, following forty days of Lenten observance, serves as a pivotal time for reflection and prayer, especially amidst ongoing efforts to reclaim national dignity and sovereignty. President Traoré emphasized the values of solidarity, sharing, and tolerance, envisioning a future where these principles guide Burkina Faso towards a period of enduring security and stability. He also extended Easter greetings, expressing hope that the paschal mystery’s blessings would inspire progress and harmony.

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