President Geingob Attends Inaugural San Cultural Festival in Gobabis

GOBABIS: Marking a significant moment for cultural recognition, President Hage Geingob attended the inaugural San Cultural Festival at the Gobabis Legare Stadium on Friday. The festival has gathered San sub-groups from across the country and neighboring regions, including the Zambezi Region and South Africa.

According to NAMPA, Geingob expressed his intention to embrace the diversity of the Namibian people and to learn about the San culture. He emphasized his role as a leader for all citizens, highlighting the importance of neutrality and the value of experiencing and understanding the varied cultural landscapes of Namibia.

The festival, serving as a platform for the San people to celebrate and share their cultural heritage, welcomed Geingob’s presence as a gesture of inclusivity. He refrained from making any formal address, focusing instead on the cultural exchange and the unity it represents within the nation.

In addition to attending the festival, Geingob met with Governor Pijo Nganate to discuss pressing regional issues such as development and the critical problem of malnutrition that has plagued the region this year.

Former patron of the San community in Namibia, Libertina Amathila, during the presidential visit, reflected on the initiatives she pioneered which have significantly benefited the San community. Her efforts have included housing, education, and facilitating access to higher learning, which have left a lasting positive impact, as evidenced by the community’s enduring gratitude and remembrance.

The festival is hosting various San sub-groups such as the Naro, Hai//om, Ju/Hoansi, !Kung, and !khwe, who are presenting their traditional dances and cultural expressions throughout the event.

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